Welcome home

Wouldn’t it be nice to be welcomed by the warmth of this window each evening?





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17 responses to “Welcome home

  1. Dear Yvonne,
    I posted earlier today but it seems not to be on this thread. I just love the craftsmanship on that window – I wonder if the rooms behind the window are as cosy as they appear to be from the outside looking in?
    Kind regards from Vienna


    • Hello, Liz!

      No, your first comment hasn’t appeared, so I’m glad you tried again.

      It surely is a splendid example of a window, isn’t it? How is your summer going, so far?


  2. What a beauty. You could do that at home, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t quite feel the same.


  3. JoanneH

    Lovely – thinking of Venice I arrived this day a year ago and this year I am stuck here in 109 temps. working 10 hours a day. Oh for this time last year.


  4. The colors are lovely and I think the color of the wall stucco enhances the entire composition.


  5. My maintenance man is often accommodating. Maybe he’ll poke a hole in the wall of my apartment and put one like that in. Not! Ah, I can dream.


  6. Jan Graham

    T’is rather nice,


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