Would you like to bank here?

This is the street door of a bank on the Zattere, Dorsoduro.

The doors of my bank look nothing like this.





It seems the position of the door pull has been changed at some stage




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19 responses to “Would you like to bank here?

  1. Nor mine! Inspires some confidence that the bank will be around for a while (since it’s obviously been around for a good long while already).


    • After reading Bert’s comments, I must go and look more carefully at that splendid old door. It’s been around for a while, Alexa. I’m not sure about the bank!


  2. JoanneH

    I love Italian doors someone should do a book on them. Perhaps your next project


  3. Jo

    How beautiful – it would almost make you happy going to the bank!


  4. Bert

    It looks as if more than the door pull has been changed. The “hinges” are on the wrong side.
    Q. What do you do if a teacher rolls her eyes at you?
    A. Pick them up and roll them back to her!


  5. Andrew

    I must have walked past that many times and not really noticed. I think I need to borrow your eyes for a while. Are you using them in November? You could have mine meantime, such as they are.


  6. I have no idea what the door of my bank looks like these days….haven’t been there in years since I do all my banking on-line.
    But yes, if I had gold (or silver) I’d love to keep it behind a door like that.


  7. Quite the door. Lots of character.


  8. I feel like I could go there and request all my gold and spend the day counting it!


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