The Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic is located here

Just in case you ever need to find it.

This building with the external spiral staircase often caught my eye as I made my way down the crowded thoroughfare that leads through Cannaregio toward San Marco. 




This particular time, I turned left and walked down the calle that leads to the front door of the building, and found out who has the privilege of tenancy.

Here is the list of tenants.




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8 responses to “The Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic is located here

  1. Andrew

    Been trying to work out the image above the shield. The figure looks like the triumphant Christ (he holds an orb representing the world) giving a blessing. But he’s got wings! Be interesting to know which family had the heraldic device.


  2. Very interesting building. As the previous commenter says, it doesn’t get much use with those hours. Maybe that’s why it’s still in such good condition.


  3. Must be a nice altana with a great view up that staircase.
    I don’t think they are expecting much business at the consulate considering their limited days and hours or maybe all consulates are like that. I’ve never had to go to one….oh, wait, I did too….the American consulate when I lived on the island of Grenada…to get a job application, but since they were a military presence there at the time they had longer hours. They insisted on mailing me the application…it took three months and they wanted the names of everyone I knew in the United States. Obviously not meant for a US citizen. Nope, didn’t get a job.
    If Italy wants to have the names of everyone I know in Venice for my visa application that will be easier but the list gets longer with every trip;-).


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