Cannaregio, Calle de la Madona 5435e

Now, what in the world was this gentleman doing with a hairdryer in this little calle?


Well, it turned out that he had worked for 30 years in a fornace on Murano. Now, he and his daughter run this delightful Aladdin’s Cave of beads and other enticing works made of glass. He was drying a large basin full of new beads that would soon be offered for sale.

He had also made the fused glass window  you see in this photo.


Come on in, and see what might tempt you. Their prices are very reasonable.







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14 responses to “Cannaregio, Calle de la Madona 5435e

  1. Rob C

    That’s on our Crimbo List too!


  2. It’s now on my list for December. I have a “beader” on my Christmas list.


  3. Caroline

    You read my mind – I dream of having a balcony or whatever where I can have those lampshades!


  4. Could you use one of those lamp shades? They look quite nice.

    Perhaps suggest that Phil should have a look at the comments on the blog today …


  5. Caroline

    Another good find, Yvonne, thanks – I will certainly be looking out for it. And I bet it’s one of those places that dematerialises when shut, so thanks also for giving the number!

    I am hoping to get one of ‘those’ handbags for my birthday or for Christmas 🙂


  6. Yvonne…Thanx…I made a map and it’s on my list for January!


    • I hope il Signore is out there with his hair dryer. I would have drifted right past the shop if he hadn’t been out there, I had another mission in mind. Isn’t that always the way in that city!


  7. Those look like they’d be fun to play with and make things.


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