I can’t get away from them!

I seem to be stalked by flying ducks in some of the places I go, Melbourne and Venice for example.


I was amused ( and secretly pleased), to find that the Venetian flying ducks are still there, a couple of years later.

The flight patterns of the ducks and the dark coloured birds have altered somewhat.

And now, they’ve been joined by flying garlic and grapes ..


Should I succumb and buy some, on my next visit?



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16 responses to “I can’t get away from them!

  1. Many years ago I was browsing in a shop in Seattle and happened to look up and there they were…a fish’s eye view of ducks….yes, duck bottoms and big yellow feet. You should probably have a set to go with the flying ones.


  2. Louise

    Yes Yvonne. Get some ducks. Everyone needs a set!! 🙂


  3. Andrew

    We had flying seagulls many moons ago. I want to buy the table centre with the china globe trees in that shop but Cheryl dissuades me every time. It’s in sections and I think we could buy a piece each time we go but it is VERY expensive.


  4. HELL YES!
    (Bad Crowd member signing in)


    • Darlene and Enchanted One, I’m leaning towards the garlic. Or maybe the little black flying birds. I mourn the flying ducks I gave away about 30 years ago. What was I thinking!?


  5. JoanneH

    Come my way I live in the Pacific Fly way my ranch is surrounded by duck clubs I see all sizes, shapes and when the season is on the sometimes hide out in back pasture drain ditch along with the smarter Geese


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