Today, a guest photographer

Thank you to Louise from Melbourne, who sent me this photo, which she describes as ” quintessential Venice”. I quite agree with her.


Louise and her husband Peter recently spent 2 months in Venice, in an apartment just off Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio. If their names sound familiar, it may be because I had the good fortune to house and cat-sit for them in Melbourne, and wrote about one of their cats, the gentleman Fletcher. You can read about him here:

Or, it may be that you have read one or more of Peter’s excellent reports on their experiences in Venice, on Fodor’s travel forum. Here are a couple of links, they’re well worth reading!



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17 responses to “Today, a guest photographer

  1. Hi, Anna. Have a look at some of the blogs listed on my Blogroll. Some are mainly photographic, but a few (The Venice Experience, The Venice Project and Venezia Blog, I am Not Making This Up) detail the experiences of people who have made a successful move to Venice from other countries. Meandering with Michelle is a journal of 4 weeks spent in Venice during last winter.


  2. Anna

    Thanks for the lost weekend reading Peter’s time in Venice. if you have more of such “gold” please share the sites.


  3. This is truly painful. I tried to write in Phil’s theveniceproject and I have to sort out why I can’t, but it’s lovely to “hear” your voices. Hi Caroline. (Yvonne, you’re just around the corner!) but I miss you folks and Venice! A lot.


  4. Caroline

    You forgot to mention it also contains a hotel, which is also quintessential Venice! Yes, lovely photo (hi Lou!). i love the subtle way the gondola is just sneaking into view, almost only hinted at.


    • Ha! You’re quite right, Caroline, I had mis-labelled the hotel as a palazzo, which it might have been, in a past life.

      How is the altana these days?


      • Caroline

        I’m sure it was!

        We’ve managed to use it a couple more times, but summer only seems properly to have arrived (fingers crossed) this week – last Friday/Saturday I was still sometimes getting my coat out & putting the heating on! It seems likely that this year, we’ll go straight from coats & central heating to Too Hot in about 2 weeks!! Only 09.50 here & it’s already pretty warm – I have the balcony doors open 🙂


      • Where I live, we seem to have contracted to 3 seasons, with a looooong summer, and no winter to speak of. That might sound idyllic, but not in my eyes!


  5. Hi, Linda. Yes, Peter’s trip reports are exceptionally good. He’s written others, set in Australia, also.


  6. Yvonne…now you did it…..I’m reading Peter’s trip report and I can’t stop!!
    I can see why you three are good friends…so much attention to history and detail!!


  7. And people wonder how I can spend so much time with my camera in Venice….it’s everywhere you turn.
    Gorgeous shot Louise!


  8. The colour of the water really complements the colour of the house.


  9. It has: a canal, reflections, a bridge, people, a palazzo and a gondola. Ergo: Venezia!


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