Corte del Calderer

The mossy condition of the pavement in this corte gives an indication of  the rainfall that Venice experienced this past spring.

I did wait for the folks in the first photo to move on, but they were interested to see what in the world I was looking at!










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17 responses to “Corte del Calderer

  1. Andrew

    Boilermakers makes sense. Once again you have risen to the challenge, Y. What a treasure we have.


  2. Bert

    OK, I understand now (!)
    Douglas (Venice on Foot) gives “tinker” as the meaning.


  3. Andrew

    That was a wet winter/spring! I want to know what a calderer is too Bert.


    • Nag, nag, nag! 🙂

      My source of information will be sound asleep now. I’ll post an answer (assuming she can find it), as soon as I hear from her.


      • OK, here’s what I found, with a Google translation: (so, it seems it does refer to “boilermakers”)

        La Descrizione della contrada di S. Marziale fatta nel 1713 nota in questo punto la «bottega da calderer e casa della N. D. Andrianna Gozzi: habita che sono 12 anni Ercole Ongania calderer».

        I Calderai, uniti in corpo nel 1294, erano un colonnello dei Fabbri, e raccoglievansi in chiesa di S. Luca, sotto l’invocazione di S. Giovanni Decollato, ove aveano tomba, comprendendo nell’arte loro l’altra minore dei «Lavezzeri», o «Conzalavezzi». Quattro calderai dovevano andare in Piazza a vendere le loro mercatanzie al tempo della fiera dell’Ascensione, ma chi ricusava n’era dispensato, pagando tre ducati alla Scuola. Il rame provvedevasi dal Magistrato delle Miniere; gli stagni, i piombi, e generalmente i minerali, dai negozianti.

        The description of the S. Martial made ​​in 1713 known at this point the “workshop from Calderer and the home of N. D. Andrianna Gozzi: habita who are 12 years Hercules Ongania Calderer ».

        The Boilermakers, united body in 1294, was a colonel of Fabbri, and raccoglievansi in the church of S. Luke, under the invocation of St. John the Beheaded, where they had grave, understanding them in the art of the other small “Lavezzeri,” or “Conzalavezzi.” Four boilermakers had to go to Piazza to sell their mercatanzie at the time of the Ascension of the fair, but who was no ricusava dispensed, paying three ducats to the School. The copper provvedevasi by the Magistrate of Mines, ponds, weights, and generally minerals, from the merchants.


  4. I don’t think I would want to walk across that campo while wearing stiletto heels!


  5. Yvonne…the gawkers are always fun….sometimes I have to start to walk away and come back to get my shot.
    All my stone/concrete surfaces look that way…I even have to scrub our wooden bridge to keep the moss off…..


    • I’ll do that next time, Linda; it’s not as though I was on some tight schedule!

      We have the same problem up here in the tropics during the wet season, slippery stuff it is.



  6. Looks like a job for a power washer.


  7. That’s what most of our patios here in the Pacific Northwest look like most of the time. It’s a constant battle against the moss.


  8. Bert

    The chap in the red shirt has the look of a chap who’s had just about as much as he can take.
    Anybody happen to know what ‘calderer’ means?


    • He really looks like he’d sooner be in a bar with some wine or a beer, Bert!

      I know someone who has a reference book with the meanings of the names we see on the nizioleti, I’ll ask her to please look it up.


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