It’s a mystery

I hope someone from Padua happens to see this post, and can tell me what these objects are. The ones on the left were high up on the sides of a building in that city, the others were just chains hanging down from some construction equipment.

I reckon they wouldn’t go amiss as an exhibit at the Art Biennale.




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17 responses to “It’s a mystery

  1. Cool pic! And better than a lot of the stuff I’ve seen at the Biennale!


    • Some of the Biennale offerings do leave you scratching your head and asking “What” and “Why”, don’t they!


      • JoanneH

        Great photo of spot of light – I would love to have one of those wood deals to put in the canal and be able to hop in in a lounge chair on these 110 degree days


  2. Sig. Nonloso

    What a beautiful pic, Yvonne! Perhaps those things are the last remaining in situ examples of “hot egg catapults” (or “catapolti dell’uova calda”), used during the infamous Padovan intra-strada “guerre delle case” of the 1600s? Rotten eggs were boiled to the point of being scalding hot but still soft then catapulted through the windows of the houses opposite, as described in Matilda della Patanella’s landmark scholarly study “Kitchen Warfare in Late Renaissance Italy” (Oxford University Press, 1913).


    • Good morning, Siggie! Now, that’s an interesting hypothesis! This house would have had the equivalent of a machine gun for rotten eggs!

      Is the Biennale making its presence known to you, in your quiet corner of Venice?


  3. Wow, Caroline, you’re going to have an exciting summer, by the sounds of it! Now, please explain what you mean by “performer”!

    Give my regards to Venice. 🙂


  4. Caroline

    What a fantastic picture!

    Speaking of the Art Biennale, we are having an exciting few days going to previews and other events! Yesterday we started at the opening of the Scotland pavilion, where it was lovely to catch up with old friends from the Scottish art scene. And it looks as though I may have a summer job as a performer at a collateral exhibition!!


  5. Come on, Yvonne, you know you want to!


    • Someone took the time and trouble to make these and instal them on a building. Maybe I need to make a return trip to Venice, then hop on the train to Padua ….


  6. I hope someone knows the story, Darlene.


  7. Little tiny television antennas? What a great picture! It could hang in an art gallery.


  8. Andrew

    They were right around the top of the building. Glad you’ve posted this Yvonne. We need to KNOW.


  9. JoanneH

    Modern Art


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