Matters of security

Venice has a low crime rate, but many people take home security seriously. For example, the key will turn several times in the door lock, with each turn putting into place another set of  bolts.

Another area where you will see methods of home security displayed is at the tops of fences that could be reached by someone with determination (and a ladder, in some cases). I guess it also deters pigeons, cats and anything else that climbs or perches.

So, here is how to use those empty wine and beer bottles.

Climb over, if you dare

Climb over, if you dare





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19 responses to “Matters of security

  1. Bert

    I thought I was joking!


  2. Teri Schnepp

    Looks so nasty. Makes me sad.


  3. A person would have to be rather tall to access that height, sans ladder, Andrew.


  4. Andrew

    Bert’s right. It is illegal in the UK to put broken glass on top of a wall which is less than 2.4 metres.


  5. Pat

    First time I saw broken glass used that way was in China!


  6. Bert

    In the UK you would probably be prosecuted under Health and Safety legislation.


  7. One of the most important poet in Italy, Eugenio Montale, wrote these lines (from “Meriggiare pallido e assorto”).

    E andando nel sole che abbaglia
    sentire con triste meraviglia
    com’è tutta la vita e il suo travaglio
    in questo seguitare una muraglia
    che ha in cima cocci aguzzi di bottiglia.

    And going into the sun’s blaze
    once more, to feel, with sad surprise
    how all life and its battles
    is in this walk alongside a wall
    topped with sharp bits of glass from broken bottles.


  8. The walls in Mexico are topped like that too – to stop burglars, but they don’t stop the lizards who manage to wind their way between the shards of glass. Chili, our cat, walks the walls too.


  9. Says something about our societies. There must be very poor and very desperate people out there.


  10. Brian

    The same outside Florence. Glass shards and barbed wire.


  11. JoanneH

    thats nothing you should see in South Africa, broken bottles as above 220 volt electric wires over that, and over that razor wire then armed guards at your 8 foot tall solid drive or yard gate. Welcome to Johannesburg…………………….


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