Our new home

This looks like a good place to set up our home together.


Yes, and we’ll have a Saint to protect our children.


It’s just perfect, the two of us, and soon the rustle of tiny wings.


And a PS

Last evening, as I walked across the Accademia Bridge, I saw the Wind surf leaving Venice, with the sails being hoisted. It was tucked away out, beyong Sant’ Elena. I think I’m in love!


“So long, and thanks for all the fish”  Douglas Adams



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22 responses to “Our new home

  1. I’ll keep my seatbelt on just to make sure I’m ready!


  2. Louise

    He he….it’s a long way home. Hope it was a good tip.


  3. Oh, yes, please, more pictures!


  4. Rob C

    Over so quick Y?

    God Speed, and Safe Home

    Rob x


    • Hi, everyone!

      Well, I knew I should have appointed a room monitor when I had to step out of the classroom for a few hours. You are an unruly lot, aren’t you?

      All is well in Dismal Swamp, there’s plenty to keep me out of mischief getting tidied away, etc. I’ll see what goodies I have in my photos to feed your devoted love for that city.

      Cheers to you all.


  5. Peter

    Where’s James Purdey when you need him . . .


  6. Louise

    Yvonne is at about 40,000ft at the moment, but she’ll set us straight.


  7. Bert

    In the evening the young ones like to play Squabble™. The eldest chick, nicknamed “Lonesome”, wants to be a tailor when he leaves the nest. He wants to specialise in making dove-coats. Clay was Walter’s older brother. He could easily be mistaken for Walter, they were so similar. He had an unfortunate experience when he met some cats in a dark alley. He found out, too late, what the expression “set the pigeon among the cats” means,
    Andrew, you must be very grateful that donkeys don’t fly!


  8. Andrew

    In our house they’re referred to as donkeys. Tenuous link here. I chase the pigeons away from our eaves ( the noise and the mess outside our bedroom window, aagh!) like Betsy Trotwood chases donkeys away in David Copperfield. We live in a strange household!.


  9. Louise

    You’re confused Bert – it’s Clay.


  10. Caroline

    Haste ye back, Yvonne! Have you fixed a date yet? 🙂 We still have to go to the rooftop bar at the Molino Stucky & invite you round for moeche – I still haven’t seen them for sale yet this year (I looked especially carefully last Saturday!), although our local bar has had them.

    Very good, Bert – although personally I’d shoot the lot of them.


  11. Bert

    They have taught their little ones (squabs) to read. They enjoy reading chick-lit. Their favourite film is “The Wings of the Dove”, and their favourite song is “Una Paloma Blanca”.


  12. Bert

    To their friends, they’re “Bill and Sue”, because they’re so lovey-dovey. His real name is Walter, of course. He was in movies. He used to work in a bar, where he would wait on tables. But the Environmental Health Inspector said it was unhygienic. He was glad to leave – people kept sitting on him. They thought he was a stool-pigeon. He then worked for a while on the buses – he was a passenger-pigeon, but now he works for peanuts in St Mark’s Square. His mate is very disappointed – she thought she had married a career pigeon. You can go and have a chat with them – they both speak pidgin-English.


  13. Bert

    The male is nicknamed Lofty. He calls his partner “My Little Dove”. They haven’t named their chicks yet, but they eggspect to very soon.


  14. Louise

    Bert, do you know the name of the pigeons?

    Safe trip Yvonne.


  15. Absolutely the perfect final post from Venezia!
    I have tears in my eyes. But we know you will be back.
    198 days for me….Woooo Hooooo!


  16. Bert

    I have a feeling that’s St Anthony, not St Francis, Linda.


  17. JoanneH

    Pigeons are not dumb they know a good thing when they see it. Wishing I was on that ship instead of sitting here behind the computer typing my fingers off.


  18. So sorry your adventure has come to an end….I’ll miss your posts!!!!

    Maybe next year you could take a little jaunt on the Wind Surf??

    ps…I’m sure that St. Francis is happy to have the pigeon family as neighbors!


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