Wind Surf

I know that many people have strong feelings about the monster cruise ships coming into Venice via the Giudecca Canal.

This much smaller pleasure cruiser was docked at the Maritime Station, and looks like a possibly more acceptable manner of sailing. The Wind Surf  takes about 300 passengers, so is about 1/10th the size of the big guys. Today, the passengers were heading to Croatia.

She’s beautiful, I think. But, I’m prepared to hear your critical remarks.

[Oh, I have limited access to my photos, so I can post a little bit on my last couple of days, after all. Life is good!]

Spotted from a distance

Spotted from a distance

The masts look so beautiful against the clear blue sky

The masts look so beautiful against the clear blue sky

She llooks graceful and beautiful, a real lady

She looks graceful and beautiful, a real lady



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18 responses to “Wind Surf

  1. julie

    Can’t believe you’re going home ! will miss this blog .. was lovely to see you again Yvonne. Safe trip and heres to next year ! buon viaggio ❤


    • Yvonne

      Good morning, Julie. 3 months doesn’t seem long enough, somehow! it’s a gorgeous day, the birds are chirping, boats are rumbling past …

      See you in 2014, then. Baci.


  2. Louise

    Yvonne, thank you for sharing your great photos and insights into Venice. It was lovely to see you here and we’ll see you again soon. Have a safe trip home. Arrivederci and…….get a cat! Xx


    • Yvonne

      It was so good to see you and Pete again. Now, what kind of cat will it be, do you suppose. I’d like a clone of Weaver, Fletcher and Puschka (my son’s cat).


  3. There was one of those many years ago in the harbor in Grenada, W.I. when I was living there. I thought it was so lovely compared to the huge cruise ships (we had them there too…even in 1986). I think they are lovely to look at. Wonder how long it would take on one of those to cruise back as close as you can get to the Great Dismal Swamp?
    Buon Viaggio, cara Yvonne.


  4. JoanneH

    Soemthing I have always wanted to do, I have a customer who has a large saling ship and has gone round the world 2-3 times..I will get orders from him for all over. safe trip home.


  5. Andrew

    Can’t you persuade the (much more acceptable) little ship to make a detour via Cairns? Safe journey Yvonne and try not to be too sad. We’ll be thinking of you. xx A & C


  6. She is a lovely ship and in a more appropriate scale to Venezia.

    I can’t believe you are going home already…sob.


  7. MaryK

    Now that’s a better size – and a much better number of passengers as well!

    So glad to hear (and see) that you’re back in the land of at least semi-functioning technology.

    And how many days do you have left (sob)?


    • I love the looks of that ship.

      Tomorrow is the big day, my main grump is that my suitcase is heavy … a few books weigh a lot, don’t they?

      See ya Down Under!


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