In which I go to great lengths to get a haircut

Not there aren’t a lot of hair stylists in Venice, but my feet were itchy today.

To reach my destination, I had to find Platform 23 quickly, I only had about 3 minutes to spare. (I didn’t even know Platform 23 existed.)


On the way to wherever it was I was going on the train, I passed many fields which were either sodden with puddles from recent rains, or sporting healthy crops of what looked like wheat. I guess those farmers got out early in the season to plant the seeds, while the ground was firm enough not to bog their tractors. Many of the fields were lively with drifts of red poppies, they look so bright and cheery.


I arrived, and walked a short distance from the railway station to the city walls, and entered the old part of this pretty town.


Hey, they’ve got a lion, too, but not the one we see so much in Venice.


I hadn’t even thought of getting my hair attended to, but then I went past the shop of Ilario Baggio, came to a stop and a snap decision and climbed the stairs to the salon. In quick time, my needs were stated and confirmed, and the clever hairdresser transformed my unruly hair into this:


The darn woman won’t leave her family to come to Australia. 😦

When I left the shop, with my head held high, I chatted with this street artist for a while.


His name is Francesco Liparulo, and he offers classes in sculpture, design and painting.  His website is

I’ll be posting more about this destination which is a little over an hour from Venice, by train. Oh, look what else they have there …


And, also …


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! I was in Bassano del Grappa again, and I want to go back again!



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21 responses to “In which I go to great lengths to get a haircut

  1. julie

    Lovely Yvonne, love the haircut very swish ! 🙂


  2. What a wonderful day you had! I love the haircut. Mark LOVES going to his Venetian barber!


  3. I agree, great haircut. And I thought I traveled far when I had to drive across town.
    There is a salon just about a two minute walk from my apartment in Castello….just about everything I need is within a five minute walk from there. Too bad I can’t afford to live there (in that apartment ) full time. I may just check out the salon in December…seemed to having a thriving business last December.
    And Sheila, they were reporting on the news here that yesterday Seattle tied with Phoenix for hottest cities in the US….87 degrees. Not unusual in your part of the world but very unusual here where it broke a record from the 1950’s.


  4. Christina

    No hair dresser – Italian or otherwise – should have trouble dealing with your fabulous hair. Great raw material!
    Keep enjoying!


    • Hi, Christina, and thanks. Has the rain stopped yet?

      With the hair, it’s the maintenance that becomes a chore. The hairdressers make it look so easy.


  5. Barb

    I love the great stylish new haircut. Now you’ll just have to book trips back to Venice every 6-8 weeks! 🙂