Castle and Cathedral of San Giusto, Trieste

The Castle of San Giusto dates from the 15th century. It apparently never had to serve a defensive purpose. It is now a museum of the city, with many relics from the Roman past .

The path to the Castle leads through a doorway with a drawbridge.


Inside the doorway, you find some  artifacts from the past.



These are the original bronze statues of  Michez and Jachez,  who sounded the hours on the City hall clock in the Piazza dell’Unita. (Replicas are now in place on  the clock.)

Here is a close-up of the hinged mechanism that allowed the statues to beat the bell.


Look who shows up … the Lion of San Marco.


Other relics that appear:



Walking down the path from the Castle toward the Cathedral, you will notice these ruins.


The Cathedral has had a long history. On the site of a Roman monumental gateway, an early religious building was erected in the 6th century. What would become the Cathedral we see today was commenced in the 9th century.





Mosaics showing depicting Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Just, laid by master craftsmen from  the Veneto  in the 12th-13th centuries, still retain their beauty in the 21st century.


Look down to admire scraps of the mosaic floor.


Finally, plant your feet on the steep cobbled road that winds back to the lower levels of Trieste. (I took the easy way up, via a bus.)



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6 responses to “Castle and Cathedral of San Giusto, Trieste

  1. Sono D. Chicago

    That’s probably Prince’s favorite mosaic in the world.
    (He likes purple a lot.)
    No love for the mosaic in the next apse? Or semi-dome or whatever it is?


    • Well, it was like this, Sono. Photos are allowed in there, but it was a dark and gloomy day, indeed. So, the opportunity to really see and take photos of more of the mosaics just wasn’t there.

      I didn’t know that Prince Charles likes purple! 🙂


  2. It seems that the cathedral and the castle are not in the commercial center of town, right?
    As always very interesting. Thanks!!


    • You’re right, they are up above the commercial center, and the architecture as you go up (or down) is increasingly interesting, or maybe I should say, different. Many people like the rchitecture of the modern commercial and residential areas.

      I’ll try to get around to posting some more photos, especially for you, Daniel!


  3. Andrew

    That’s some rose window, Yvonne. Lovely observations as usual. Many thanks for lending us your eyes.


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