The start of a chandelier?

I saw this through the gaps in a fence on Murano. I’d really like to see the finished product.




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14 responses to “The start of a chandelier?

  1. If I had paid attention to where I was when I took the photo, you could check on it the next time you’re on Murano, Caroline. All I can tell you is, it was not near any of the big fornaci.


  2. Caroline

    How interesting – although Murano does now make some more modern pieces of other types, I’d not previously seen any more modern & not-hideous-to-my-taste chandeliers. I’d have assumed this was a commission, but if they’ve been working on it that long do you think it’s just being made on spec as an experiment?


  3. MaryK

    It’s fabulous – thou it looks like you’d need very, very tall ceilings. Wouldn’t it look wonderful with some clever lighting.


  4. I think it’s a chandelier, but it makes me think of icicles hanging from the eaves when I was a kid.


  5. JoanneH

    Well the room must be large I wonder if the lights will come down into the iceles?


  6. Melissa

    You sure it’s not a Jellyfish starter??


  7. Lynda

    Oh my – that looks like it’s going to be beautiful!


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