Never leave home without your camera!

This morning, I had to go back to the apartment, because I had been undecided about whether to take the camera, or not. It had been cloudy, but then the sun came out, so I retraced my steps.

Thank goodness I did, or I would have missed capturing this little vignette of life in Venice.


This young fellow was diving for a carton of frozen product within his delivery boat. He found it, and emerged triumphant.

And, I wouldn’t have been able to take a photo of this paving stone, with a mysterious marking.



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15 responses to “Never leave home without your camera!

  1. Sono D. Chicago

    Maybe that top photo IS Johnny Depp!


  2. Lynda

    Love it!


  3. Sig. Nonloso

    I love the top photo! Wow! That’s dedication.
    I almost never leave home without a camera these days, but last week I did and happened upon the artist I’d seen sketching on the riva a few days earlier set up with his easel beside a beautifully flowering tree in the giardini and wearing one of the best and most picturesque and (most functional) painting outfits I could imagine. Oh well… So I suppose I can never read your titular advice often enough.


  4. Jo

    What determination for a gelato!! What excitement seeing Johnny Depp too – Venice is always full of surprises!


  5. Great shots as usual!


  6. There have been times I wished I had taken my camera to work with me….not to take pictures there but on the way home! I guess I could carry the little one (not the one on my phone) at all times.
    Of course then I would have the problem of finding a place to pull over out of the traffic so I could take that photo.
    I won’t have that problem in Venice! And as Yvonne discovered….even on a cloudy day photo ops abound.


  7. Always take your camera. After all, there could be Johnny Depps lurking around the next corner.


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