It was definitely his lucky day!

Little did he know when he set off for a stroll in the narrow calli of Venice, holding hands with his new girlfriend, that he was going to see The Blogger From Dismal Swamp. He respected her privacy, and waited until she had passed before whispering excitedly to his partner who he had just seen!

The Blogger From Dismal Swamp also respected his privacy, and waited until he had passed to take a photo of him walking away.

Yes, gentle readers, it was the one and only Johnny Depp! My heart rate has not yet slowed down.




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30 responses to “It was definitely his lucky day!

  1. Lynda

    You are too funny and OMG, running in to JD – WOW.


  2. Pat

    Well, it was bound to happen some time with all the wandering about you do! Another “good find” on your part LOL


  3. So, of course I had to look to see who Lionel Messi is! I wonder if he’s free to replace The Hulk?


  4. Sig. Nonloso

    I bet JD is still kicking himself for not having a camera with him: it’s not every day one encounters the elusive Blogger from Dismal Swamp. (Rather, alas, only about once a month, based on my experience.) It’s nice he could stroll around without security; though I suspect you probably had with you one of those big hulking fellows who keep fans from bothering you while you do your work or try to relax.


    • Well, that’ll teach JD a big fat lesson. I had given my Hulk the day off, he often has a hard time keeping up with me. πŸ™‚


      • Sig. Nonloso

        For all you pay that big lug I’d think he would get in better aerobic shape–but, then, Lionel Messi would probably have trouble keeping up with you, too.


  5. Hi, Annie. There’s more to Venice than shrines, it seems. πŸ™‚


  6. Wow! I love this photo and thanks to Bert for telling us where it was. Agree – I like his new love’s scrunched up hair!


  7. Hmmmm….an interesting mystery woman. I just read that he’s seeing Amber Heard….a slim blonde.
    Thanx for our daily dose of mystery!!


    • This lass wasn’t a slim blonde, for sure, Linda!


      • julie

        He was pictured with a brunette at a rolling Stones gig at the weekend, that was the article I was reading, and she was named as Amber Heard, who had apparently dumped him for another woman… but it seems back on again, easy to grab a hairdye !


  8. Yvonne, I knew you were talking about JD before I even scrolled down. And I had no doubt that it was really him. In the interview with him when he was there filming he commented on wandering the calles at 2am so that might be a time to go looking. Doubt if you would find a place for a spritz at that hour though.


  9. Yes, ladies, it was definitely him, and when next I see him, I’ll say “Cheers” from all of his fans, shall?

    Andrew, it was his turn to buy the spritz!

    Bert, yes, I know where I was, and yes, it was him, for sure. I was face to face with him after all!


  10. Bert

    You and Johnny (and his friend) were in Ramo dei Do Mori, San Polo, quite near to the Rialto Bridge. He obviously knows his way around, as he’s not carrying a map – at least, he doesn’t look as though he is.
    Did you recognise his voice? – I mean, if he came up behind you and went past you, you wouldn’t have seen his face.


  11. Kathleen

    I wonder if he’s still selling the Palazzo? He got nice new windows in and then the for sale sign went up!!


  12. julie

    Wow Yvonne ! finally a spotting after all these years, and unexpected too. I hope you know you will now have to keep an eye out now you know he is in town.
    Read only the other day he just got back with this girl after she dumped him, he must have offered her a trip to venice to make up ! ..
    Nancy Drew indeeed!


  13. Posizione per favore? (Just lippying up now) πŸ’„


  14. OMG!! JD is in town? My hearts-a-racing just to read it!!
    See ya…. I’m off. I’ll let you know how I go………


  15. Kathleen

    Hahahah. Fantastic, Y – that’s really cheered me up. And I have no idea who that is with him, but she seems like my kind of girl, with her off centre hair scrunch…


  16. Andrew

    And you didn’t ask him to join you for a spritz?


  17. I love the way you wrote this, and what a thrill.


  18. And we spent all that time stalking him in 2010 and didn’t see nary a glimpse.
    It was indeed “his” lucky day!


  19. OMG You were that close to a movie star.


  20. JoanneH

    Well as you know life is never dull in Venice………………..


  21. Maxine

    You’re kidding, right? You really saw Johnny Depp? Oh, now I’m really bummed to be home…..LOL


  22. Barb

    First a helicopter and now Johnny Depp!! How are you going to get on that plane back to Dismal Swamp after all this excitement?


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