So that’s how they do it!

The men and women who pick up the rubbish and keep the streets clean here in Venice, use brooms like this.


They are surprisingly efficient at the job they must do.


I hadn’t given any thought to what happened when the old brooms wore out, but one day a big light dawned for me. There is a Veritas depot near where I live. As I understand it, this is the organisation responsible for the cleanliness of the city. (I go to another depot to pick up the bags for the paper recycling, and the stickers that go onto the glass/plastic stuff.)

This is what I saw through the open gates of the depot near me, one day.



Well, what do you know? That’s a whole heap of replacement broom heads.

Now, I only have to hang around until I can see how they go about changing the heads!


I’ll be away for  a few days, so I’ll check back with you all about Wednesday. Cheers!



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23 responses to “So that’s how they do it!

  1. Caroline

    Yvonne, as you no doubt remember (since you’ve stayed in it yourself!), our corte is used as a repository for a couple of Veritas trolleys & miscellaneous equipment. Since you left I’ve now twice seen a Veritas bloke fixing a new head to a broom, but since it’s been at the other end of the corte and my eyesight isn’t that brilliant (especially at 6am!) I’m still not sure exactly what he did. He was fiddling around with the head for a minute or two – maybe something as basic as just whittling out a hole in the tied end? – then just jammed it on the pole.

    The name ‘Veritas’ still seems bizarre to me for this organisation, as it reminds me of my old Latin textbook ‘Brevitas’! It may be a clever acronym but doesn’t seem that relevant 🙂


  2. Bert

    Veneziana Energia Risorse Idriche Territorio Ambiente Servizi – Veritas – Clever!


  3. Bert

    Dogado is next to Billa on Strada Nova. Photo #2 is directly behind San Marcuola, Cannaregio 1778 [Rio Terá drio la chiesa].


  4. Homesick for Venezia! What a novel idea. I couldn’t even look back towards the city from the water taxi when I left last time….for fear of bursting into tears. It was a beautiful clear day and I could have gotten some lovely pictures but couldn’t take the chance. A friend invited me to come visit her in Vienna while I’m in Venice in December. I told her not this trip. Oh, and she is in Venice at the moment. Wish I had thought to get her in touch with you, Yvonne. I think she’s only there till Monday.
    Only 215 days till my return.


  5. Mary…I think I could save on airfare and fly one home!! What do you think??
    (Yvonne…you are so wonderfully curious…..)


    • Hi, Linda. I had dinner with a Slow Travel gal last night, and she and her travel companion had done rowing with Nan; they both liked it.

      I have an image of you, zapping through airspace on a Venetian street broom!


  6. MaryK

    Someone from Melbourne saying “fair dinkum”! Yeah gods what is the world coming to.

    I’m sure Trieste will be lovely. Not Venice, but lovely all the same.
    And feeling homesick for Venezia before you leave is not at all pathetic IMHO. There’s a lot of us who are exactly the same!


  7. They look similar to broom used in Mali only those didn’t have handles so the sweeper worked stooped over.


  8. MaryK

    I love those brooms in Venice – and they are super efficient and, as you say Yvonne, they make the most appealing swooshing sound. I wish I could bring one home to sweep my path. Methinks though that transporting of it would be the least of my worries…… the Customs people (and sniffer dogs) at the airport would be absolutely beside themselves hysterical at the sight of one!

    Have a lovely few days away (hope it’s somewhere exciting!)


    • Hi, Mary! I’d like to be there when you tried to bring one into the country!

      Today, as I walked along some calle, I heard “Fair dinkum”, and it turned out the bloke was from Melbourne!

      I’m going to Trieste for a couple of days, and I’m already homesick. Pathetic, eh?


  9. Hi, Enchanted One. This city always tosses up another surprise!


  10. PS Enjoy whatever adventure you are taking!


  11. It would be interesting to see how they do it. Back in the early 70’s when I was first married my husband worked in a broom factory where they made the kind of flat brooms that you buy here. They actually clamped the head and the handle in a fancy machine that both wound the wire around to hold it on the handle and stitched the broom flat. I will bet a) they don’t do that in Venice and b) they don’t still do it that way here either.
    Lovely “witches” brooms like our good kitchen witch flies on!


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