I found some very nice felines recently. Maybe the few days of sunshine brought them out.

Yes, I'm a handsome fellow

Yes, I’m a handsome fellow

Who, me? Are you calling me?

Who, me? Are you calling me?


A strange cat has left its smell right here!

This cat was very timid, it scurried into its yard as I neared. Then, I noticed he was peeking out me. Such a cutie-pie!


And, getting a little more bold.


And, more confident and snoopy.


I liked the little black beauty spot on his face.

This sun makes me so sleepy zzzzzzzz

This sun makes me so sleepy zzzzzzzz

These nice cats were bidding their owners “Arrivederci”. The people also had a nice, but hyperactive dog.


Poor underfed moggie!

A lovely friendly moggie


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20 responses to “Katz!!!

  1. I would have thought that DINGO would have had the hospital cats spayed and neutered…but maybe they haven’t caught all of them yet.


  2. Caroline

    At the Ospedale Civile again today, where it was really quiet – regrettably the cats in the 2nd cloister weren’t being so nice, with yowling, fighting & chasing going on!


  3. Hello, beautifuls. {Love the beauty spot!}


  4. Caroline

    What lovely cats!

    Last night we met a cat who we hope is coming to live with us next year, while her usual servant is on sabbatical!


  5. Bert

    That’s how Dick Whittington made his fortune, if pantomimes can be believed.


  6. That’s a really cool fact, Daniela! πŸ™‚


  7. In the past Arsenale built so many ships (even 6 per day) that sometimes they sent one of them abroad to find cats and carried them in Venice, of course for helping the town in its endless fight against rats πŸ™‚


  8. You and me both, Brian. On both counts.
    Yvonne, were these the ones you mentioned on Guidecca?
    I think being there in cold weather makes the kitties hard to find. Although I did have a delightful interchange on one sunny day.


  9. Brian

    Today I learned what a “moggie” is. And I always fall for photos of cats.


    • Hi, Brian. Yesterday, I made the acquaintance of more cats, including a drowsy calico coloured one. (Mind you, cats seem drowsy a lot of the time, come to think of it.)


  10. Bert

    If that’s with Prestige Property Group, you’ll see that all their properties have equestrian facilities! There aren’t many properties in Venice where you can swing a c*t, never mind a horse! [Not wishing to give offence to any of the felines above.]


  11. JoanneH

    The black & white lookis like a cat I had to who left home because he got mad I traveled perhaps he ended up in Venice. BTW while surfing the other day looking at apartments and dreaming I came across one in San Palo near Fari that was advertised as having equestrian facilities. Bet the neighbors would love me moving in with 15 pals.


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