Beautiful Burano

Burano always throws up some colourful treat.




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16 responses to “Beautiful Burano

  1. Lynda



  2. Bert

    That was quite hard to find, because there there was no diesel pump there when veniceconnected went round. Also, the walls were grey, not blue. It’s on Rio Pontinello, if you ever need to fill your tank.


  3. There is a wonderful new inn/restaurant on Mazzorbo. Mazzorbo is connected to Burano by a bridge.
    I want to go to dinner there…but I’ve been in Venice in November the last few years….and it’s closed in November. sigh


    • Darn it, you must have seen me with the dripping paint brush, Linda.

      That inn/restaurant is so unexpected on Mazzorbo, very posh!


    • Caroline

      Good spot, Yvonne!

      Linda, we went on a visit to the vineyard/estate of which Venissa is part, during the ‘Isole in Rete’ festival in September ( We liked the look of the restaurant, had too much else to see that weekend but hope to eat there at some point. I did subsequently look into an overnight stay, maybe for our anniversary or a birthday; but although the price starts off looking reasonable, there’s a 2 night minimum stay & breakfast isn’t included. We’d probably have done it if we were still in our old jobs & visiting on holiday, but can’t really justify it now – so will have to just go for lunch or an early dinner some time. Watch DH’s space!


  4. Now tell the truth Yvonne….you panted the tips of the poles…right?? 😉


  5. You take THE BEST pictures Yvonne! Burano is so lovely in the spring.


  6. Not more than a week I would think…after all, so close, yet so far away.


  7. I keep dallying with the thought of renting an apartment on Burano for a week or so….maybe the trip after the one coming up. I do love all the color. And it makes great photography…especially when the water is still in the canals and you get those perfect reflections.


  8. I’d better get back to Burano and capture more of the colours for you, Enchanted One. 🙂


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