Another life struggle

It seems I’m on a tooth, fang and claw roll here. I wanted to share something we’re seeing quite a lot at this time of year, as the seppie enter the waters for their annual spawning event.

You might know seppie as cuttlefish. They are often on the menu in Venice, including in a risotto dish (risotto nero, or black risotto), which utilises the black ink of the ink sac.

This image is from the internet

This image is from the internet

At this time of year, as you walk along a fondamenta (walkway beside a canal), you may see evidence that a seppia has lost its fight for life. This photo shows what happens when a seagull triumphantly plucks a poor seppia from the water, and dispatches it on the stones of the fondamenta. The black splotch is the ink from the sac, which was released as the seagull got stuck into the seppia feast.


There are also lots of anglers lining many of the fondamente, hoping to catch some of these delicacies to bear home in triumph.



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11 responses to “Another life struggle

  1. There were so many hopeful fisher-people out today, on the water and fondamente, angling for the poor little seppie who just want to reproduce and clear out of the lagoons.


  2. I love grilled seppie and eat it often in Venice. I am not so fond of the ink, although I will eat it in small portions.


  3. Jeff

    Cuttlefish in ink sauce was the main course of my first dinner in Venice (at Osteria l’orto dei Mori-great restaurant not far from your apartment)-they definitely taste better than they look!


  4. And if we all liked them there would not be any left in the sea. Not for me but my eating has become much more adventurous since I’ve been spending time in Venice so who knows? I may decide I like it after all.


  5. They are my favorite!


  6. Ugh! Don’t look like something I’d want to eat.


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