Not a wimp

This cat looked a little the worse for the wear, with a bare patch on one  hip, that might have been from some recent surgery. He surely didn’t give the impression of being any kind of wimp. (Not weak or cowardly, for those who don’t use this phrase.)

Someone had given him a small fish, just before I came along. The thing was, the fish was still alive, so the cat had to deal with that before he could settle down to his meal.





A well deserved meal

A well deserved meal



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5 responses to “Not a wimp

  1. I don’t think most of our pampered felines would have a clue as to what to do with a “live” meal.
    My Lili did steal “uno spaghetto” off of my plate last week…she seemed to enjoy it. Of course it was cooked “al dente”.
    Yvonne probably remembers when we went to the Dingo sanctuary and the gattarre were feeding plates of spaghetti to the cats.


  2. This kitty looks a dab hand at sorting out such matters. I hope he sent the fish off to his maker quickly!!


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