Traffic jam

This morning, I heard the distinctive sound of the “horn” of the garbage barge in the narrow canal that runs along the front to of the apartment. Then, I heard slightly cranky voices.

When I looked out the window, I could see what was going on. A bulky delivery barge had taken up most of the water space, and the garbage boat couldn’t get through to its usual spot.


The solution: the garbage boat backed  to a wider place on the canal, then the delivery boat backed out, and the garbage boat was able to go forward to the pick-up point.


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18 responses to “Traffic jam

  1. Livia

    wow, that lion above the doorway seems familiar. Maybe passed by the topa with Gianluca. Or was it another lion??? Who knows in Venice, the city of lions.
    Anyway lovely view from the livingroom.


  2. AnnaLivia, I see it from the living room window of the apartment.


  3. I was leaning out the front window at 2009C, Cannaregio, AnnaLivia.

    Yes, see you soon!


  4. Hi Yvonne! May I ask you where you were when you took that picture? I am curious about that lion across the rio. It was reinstalled last May.
    see you very soon : )


  5. Would never have thought of the need for garbage boats.


    • Everything comes in and out by boat. If you move house, the furniture moves by boat. If you die, your body is taken to the cemetery island by boat. Food is brought in, garbage taken out … by boat! And, everything that goes in and out by boat has to be moved around on the island by someone; this is not always easy in the narrow streets and bridges, with pedestrians using the same thoroughfare.


  6. pss…are you on the ground floor? Nice vantage point……


  7. ps…I’m also amazed at the frequency of garbage pick-up. What a tough job…both on the boats and in the calli.


    • It sure is hard work, keeping all the calle, corte, etc., clean and free of rubbish. The simple equipment used, and the need to traverse bridges to take our garbage to the barges is probably not much appreciated by most people.


      • The locals my take that daily garbage pick up for the garbage because they don’t know anything else but I was amazed. People who haven’t seen them with the handcarts going over the bridges just can’t really imagine it. And here in the states we complain if they don’t put the lid back on the can in their once a week pick up.


  8. Jo…that’s the first thing I noticed too. It is wonderful….thanks Yvonne for translating the plaque.
    Re: the tight squeeze. I am so amazed at the dances that are performed on the Venetian waterways. My good friend, Matteo, has taken me a few rides in his little boat. He is unfazed. I would be a mess if I had to navigate. I guess that being raised on the canals makes it second nature!


  9. It’s a copy of one from the 13 th century, as far as I can make out from the plaque to the lower left.


  10. Jo

    April 18, 2013 at 9:43 am (Edit)

    What a beautiful Venetian lion above the doorway! That was quite a tight squeeze. Spring in Venice must be stunning – looking forward to your future posts.
    (This is a comment from Jo)


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