Graffiti in Padua

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Padua with a foundation member of the Bad Crowd, and his wife.

The day was sunny and warm, we wandered happily where our feet took us. (It had nothing to do with our reading maps incorrectly, I swear.) Thank you, Andrew and Cheryl for an enjoyable day.

A few years back, I noticed the presence of graffiti on paper in Padua. I was glad to see that new examples had been posted around the city. I like it because it gradually erodes away, leaving no permanent trace.



Oops, added comments are not “biodegradable”.


We weren’t sure what to make of this one. But, I now have sorted out my reality. (I think.)


This was not on paper, and we saw many examples of the same message around the city.



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5 responses to “Graffiti in Padua

  1. Rob C

    London is experiencing a bit of a graffiti ‘wave’ at the moment, I do like this one, it’s near the Olympic Stadium:


  2. Caroline

    It seems you have just missed some demonstrations –

    Some background –

    I do like the graffiti on paper – what a good idea! Btw I see today’s ‘Nuova’ said they are finally starting to clean up the Rialto bridge and have installed cameras.


    • Aha! That must be part of the explanantion of the cryptic graffiti. Thank you!

      Yay, re: the Rialto Bridge, won’t that make a difference in the appearnce of this slightly old edifice.


  3. Hmm, my reality is already occupied.


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