Altar boy

Striding along the Fondamenta Savorgnan, Cannaregio, this very keen looking young altar boy, and his family. (Or, perhaps he is in the choir?)




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12 responses to “Altar boy

  1. Christopher

    Clearly a young jedi.


  2. Caroline

    I can’t remember if I told you about my shock when I heard that one of the shoutiest of my shouty liceo musicale students (age 14/15) had suddenly announced he’s going to be a priest & will leave school this year to go to the seminary by the Salute for 7 years!!


  3. My least favorite thing…what kinds of sins do you really have at that age? Unless you are really a “wild” child of course.


  4. Except for the searching for sins to confess!


  5. Confirmation was definitely more nerve wracking than First Communion. We were probably too little for First Communion (the age was seven when I had mine) to worry about “tripping” etc…or kissing the bishop’s ring!


  6. I remember with shudders, the dress I wore for Confirmation. Scarred for life!


  7. That is a lovely idea. I remember “when”…my mother made my little white dress.


  8. I’ve had a comment from an Italian friend who says he was probably on his way to First Communion. The boys and girls wear this tunic so they all dress the same and the concentration is on the Sacrament, not clothing.


  9. Are you sure that isn’t a miniature monk??
    Can you imagine growing up in Venice…the history….culture….?


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