Nature and whoever did the laundry seemed to be in synchronisation with their colours this week.

P1040436   P1040437





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14 responses to “Colour

  1. Ciao Susie,
    We’ll have to plan a major meet up in December of the Bad Crowd. I’d love to entertain everyone at my apartment.
    228 days till November 29 and I’ll be there till January 2! Too bad Yvonne won’t be there too….at least we can toast her health.


  2. It’s like someone has turned on a switch, we’re all prancing around without our big jackets, sporting sunburnt noses! 🙂


  3. JoanneH

    Looks like Spring has Sprung and folks are tired of the winter colors and are ready to spice things up a little


  4. Very clever Yvonne, thanks for the day brightener!


    • You’re welocme, SusieQ. Will it also help if I comment on what a ripper, sunny day it has been? I met one of the Bad Crew (Andrew) and his wife, and they took part in a No Grande Navi demo!!


  5. Another gray day here but nature has given me a couple of purple pansies that survived winter on my patio.
    Love these colors. …especially the colorful laundry.


    • Pansies are such hardy plants! And, you’d especially love the purple ones.


      • Oh, I do…they are purple on top and the lower petals are a cream. I have a couple of things that are coming back from last year. Now if it was just warm enough to get out there and clean up the patio (fallen leaves etc) and trim up the plants.
        Glad to see you met up with Andrew and Mrs. Andrew. Hope the weather continues for you.
        Only 228 days to go for me!


  6. By the time I get back home, the autumn colours will be on display, Jan.


  7. jan Graham

    LOve the Winter Jasmine mine is just over,


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