Arch support

Walking around in Venice, you’ll often notice arches constructed between buildings on either side of a calle.


They may simply be a structure that lends support to adjacent buildings, or may signify the union of families in those buildings, via marriage.


This one is in a class by itself. The arch was obviously in need of its own support system. I hope it holds up!




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4 responses to “Arch support

  1. Of course, Michelle. 🙂


  2. Of course it is a fact if you say it!


  3. Somewhere, I have read that about the union of two families. Now, through the magic of my blog, it has become fact! 🙂


  4. Very interesting Yvonne….the arches seem a little feeble to offer support. Sorta like my shoes. I think you may have hit on something re: union of families. I love them…even if they turned out to be decorative.


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