Oh, boy

What an excellent day I had on the Lido, yesterday!

I took the 5.2 vaporetto from the Guglie stop, and arrived at the Lido about 45 minutes later. Then, I took a bus, Linea B, to a stop in Malamocco.

Before I caught the bus (the Actv pass covers buses on the Lido), I stopped for some coffee, a sinfully tasty brioche, and the use of the toilet.

The toilette looked like this: 

Thanks to the recent Su e Zo per i Ponti, my leg muscles did me proud!

Thanks to the recent Su e Zo per i Ponti, my leg muscles did me proud!

When I got off the bus, I crossed the road, and headed toward the seafront. Soon, I found my destination, the murazzo. This is an embankment or seawall that was built to protect the Lido from storm surges. It stretches for about 5 km, and is popular with walkers, cyclists and dogs.


Every so often, along the walkway, there is an opening, with steps down to an area between the walkway and the seawall.


And now, we are in a different environment, with the seawall on one side, the wall of the walkway on the other, and a long stretch of paving blocks ahead of us. (I think they might be Istrian stone, but I’m not sure.) They reminded me somewhat of the paved streets of Pompeii.


There has been a lot of debris tossed over the seawall onto this area.



P1060491                   P1060467

Further down the walkway, I found the restaurant that this belongs to:



It wasn’t opened, but in season, it would be a perfect place to have lunch or dinner, and gaze out at the sea.


The sea was so lovely, a vivid contrast to the white stones.


What a great place for a training run.


Are these the remnants of a fishing expedition?


And, “The Murazzo Walk of Fame”.



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21 responses to “Oh, boy

  1. Balade bien sympathique!!!
    M de sclos


  2. jan Graham

    There used to be loads of those loo’s in Italy, sometimes you had to use them, beware splashes


  3. Great pictures my friend. Considering my knees (although better than they were) I would just have to “hold it”.


  4. Jude Marks

    Did you bring a change of clothing?


  5. Brava Yvonne! You visited a place where tourists never go even if Murazzi talk about Venice and its hard battle against the sea. Murassi is also a song by Pitura Freska, a local group very famous and beloved. Their songs are in Venetian dialect http://youtu.be/zIuLVA-cFLU


    • Ciao, Daniela, and thank you for introducing me to Pitura Freska. I love their cheery music.

      I think I need to go all the way to the beginning of the Murazzi next time. 🙂


  6. Ah, the good old toilette a la turque! Saw and used many of those in West Africa.


  7. Andrew

    Wet feet. Been there (in France).


  8. Jude Marks

    That toilet is fascinating! I think it must be for gymnasts!


    • You learn to find out where the paper is, before you “descend”, and then, it’s not all that easy to regain an erect posture!

      There is a small problem with the plumbing. When you push the flush button (which was a block of wood), there emerged water from many unexpected places! It all added to the adventures of the day, Jude.


  9. Barb

    What a wonderfully interesting day you had! Glad to see that the weather is getting better for you.


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