Seen in Giudecca

An interesting use for safety helmets: "Park the boat here, Gigio."

An interesting use for safety helmets: “Park the boat here, Gigio.”

"Hoist by my own petard!" (What's a petard, mom?)

“Hoist by my own petard!” (What’s a petard, mom?)

What a classy barca

What a classy barca

Obsessively neat wood stack!

Obsessively neat wood stack!



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9 responses to “Seen in Giudecca

  1. Caroline

    Love the crash helmets! I was amused at Christmas by one of the small hotels on the Grand Canal having Santa hats on their mooring posts.


  2. I love the Giudecca! Linda is right, it is always cooler over there, which can be problematic for winter visits 😦 Glad you found Il Grifone! The signore is molto, molto gentile.


  3. Andrew

    Just had to look up petard. It was a bomb for blowing up gates to the cities being captured.


    • That was the educational post for 2013, Andrew.

      I like this explanation:

      “The history of the phrase comes from the uses of a petard in a seige (a petard is a volitile early explosive capable of bringing down castle walls). To be hoisted is to be lifted or sent up, which is generally what would happen to you if you were near a petard when it goes off (and that’s if you got off lucky).”

      It’s still cool … (I mean the weather.)


  4. The barca is beautiful!


  5. Those are interesting wood stacks….one Virgo and one Scorpio!! I love Guidecca…specially in the hotter weather….it’s always cooler over there!


    • Trust you to read more into the woodpiles, Linda! You’re right, Giudecca would be great in the summer.

      Oh, I went and had a look for Il Grifone. He was closed, but I left nose-prints on his windows, and I’ll be back there, for sure. 🙂


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