Favourite topics revisited

A couple of weeks ago, a friend alerted me to the possibility of a visit to Palazzo Barbaro. No photos were permitted inside the palazzo, but I did finally clap my eyes on the strange objects that someone had posted on another site, and which puzzled all of us. Since they are in the cortile, photos were permitted.

Not very pretty boys

Not very pretty boys

Does anyone have any fresh ideas about their purpose? They're quite large, maybe 50-60 cm tall. They are quite high up on the walls, it is hard to get the perspective correct. The hook shaped protruberances at the back of the heads look like they could support a rod of some type, between the two 'things'.

Does anyone have any fresh ideas about their purpose? They’re quite large, maybe 50-60 cm tall. They are quite high up on the walls, it is hard to get the perspective correct. The hook shaped protuberances at the back of the heads look like they could support a rod of some type, between the two ‘things’.

Then, last Sunday Daniela and her husband invited me to have a look at the Palladian Villa di Maser http://www.villadimaser.it/en After we toured this extraordinary villa, which was built for the Barbaro family, we drove to Asolo for some tea (the women) and spritz (the man). And, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a …


I went back to the Foundry Valese a couple of weeks ago for another fusion session. I particularly like this photo which shows the heat of the molten metal (and the steadiness of Carlo’s hands).


And, the deft twists of the rope that holds the vaporetto to the mooring post is another fascinating thing to observe. Here’s a finished product. It looks so darn easy!


To read more about the Palazzo Barbaro, visit the Venezia blog: http://veneziablog.blogspot.it/2013/03/a-visit-to-ca-barbaro_27.html , and the Villa di Maser http://www.villadimaser.it/en

And, more about that wonderful foundry, here: https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/the-story-continues/ and https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/that-fascinating-foundry-part-2/



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11 responses to “Favourite topics revisited

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  2. Shawn

    Those little statues are copies of the banner holder at the Devil’s Corner in Florence by Giambologna. During parades, this was used to hold the flag with the family coat of arms on it (the Vecchietti family).

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    • Good morning Shawn, and thank you for taking the time to tell us this.

      I recently obtained a copy of Secret Florence, and was so surprised to see a photo of the little devil. There is (as always) a story behind it, involving the Devil and a Dominican friar. I’m looking forward to finding the original in Florence.


  3. Yes, Mary, it’s true, most part of the Palladian villas are closed during the winter. I think it’s due to the fact that they don’t have enough guardians and enough tourists. But for sure if you go and see Villa Maser, you will have an extraordinary experience: the Paolo Veronese’s frescos are superb!


  4. I should never have posted those photos from the Palazzo Barbaro with the others!

    Mary, that is a beautiful villa. The walls are covered from head to toe (including the ceilings) with such interesting frescoes. as you saw from the website. Climb a (maybe muddy) incline behind the villa to see a splendid collection of horse-drawn carriages.

    For those interested, here is the link to the villa site: http://www.villadimaser.it/en


  5. MaryK

    And a big thank you, and to Daniela, for the for the link to Villa di Maser. I went to the website with my little brain saying “none of these wonderous villas are ever, ever open during winter” but – IT IS! So – that’s definitely gone into the ‘must do day-trip’ folder (which is already bulging!)


  6. Oopsie, I thought the same! Sounds like you’re having a thoroughly interesting time in your favourite place in the world, bella. Have a happy weekend!


  7. Bert

    Melissa, they’re not what you think they are! It’s a trick of the perspective. I posted my photo on VDP on September 21, 2011, where you can see these fellows “head-on”, as it were. But I’ve just had a look through the archives and the photo has disappeared! Just that one, none of the others! There were several guesses as to their function, but nobody really knew.


  8. Melissa

    It wasn’t the protuberances at the back of the heads that I was looking at!!


    • They have something at the back of their heads? Could have fooled me.
      Yvonne, your perspective makes for a very interesting picture number 2 because it sure looks like what Melissa thought it was.
      I’ll trust Bert to know better.

      Love the smokey one…so “ethereal” I think is the word.


  9. JoanneH

    Wow what a place. Lucky you to see it


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