In 3013 …

archeologists will be excited when they dig up this fossil in Cannaregio!


I wonder what they will make of those pigeon footprints in the wet concrete!



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8 responses to “In 3013 …

  1. Really, you don’t see tiny airplanes? Maybe we have spent too much time in holding patterns over airports.


  2. Would you 2 M’s please check that medication you’re on!


  3. Melissa

    Meant ancient not Medieval!


  4. I must be on the same meds because I can see the tiny aircraft also.

    I just imagine the archaeologists waxing poetic about the “extinct” pigeons that once delighted the tourists in Piazza San Marco


    • Melissa

      Ha, by then there will be no such thing as pigeons and the archaeologists are going to say, “Wow, look at their medieval form of air travel”.


  5. Melissa

    Ah, Pigeon footprints! When I first looked I thought they were tiny aircraft, the two in the middle look like planes. Must be the drugs I’m taking lol!


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