The cats of Corte dei Muti, Cannaregio

I only captured photos of two of these lovely cats, and I’m not sure which two of the father, mother and son they are. They were taking advantage of a brief spell of sunshine the other day.






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7 responses to “The cats of Corte dei Muti, Cannaregio

  1. Yvonne, I wonder if the cat picture in e-venise site for April 1 is one of these. The have a couple really pretty pictures on their site.


  2. Ciao, Danielle

    I was surprised when I saw them. They are such lovely cats. 🙂


  3. Je suis allée faire un tour comme à chaque fois, je ne les ai pas vus !
    J’ai appelé, pas l’ombre d’un bout de queue ! Et pourtant il faisait très beau, je m’attendais à les voir faire leur sieste au soleil !
    La prochaine fois.
    A bientôt


  4. I loved the days when Venice had lots of cats. I hope these guys don’t get shipped off to Lido. 😦


  5. Hey! My buddies : )
    Looks like the grey one fell in the rio!? He seems all wet. One of the cats is missing, they are usally three. They are my neighbors, I can’t wait to see them again! Have a nice week Yvonne! See you soon!


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