Facade of Molino Stucky

Visible across the waters of the Giudecca Canal, from many points along the Zattere ( the walkway along the canal, in the sestiere of Dorsoduro), is the Molino Stucky, now a 5 star Hilton hotel, and apartment  complex.


The mill was built in 1895, by Giovanni Stucky, whose family came originally from Switzerland. 1500 workers were employed here, with  24 hour rosters. It ceased operations in 1955 , and lay dormant and decaying until the mid-2000s, when renovations began to create the present hotel and apartments.

Now the Molino Stucky is set to be sold at auction this spring, for a price expected to be around 300 million euro. It’s going to be interesting to see who might purchase this Venetian landmark.


This round-about introduction was to set the scene to show you what is featured on the facade of this neo-Gothic building.


She’s a sturdy lass, carrying some of the cereal grains that symbolise the industry that was housed in this edifice.




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26 responses to “Facade of Molino Stucky

  1. julie

    Well she is a sturdy lass too! .. wish I could have gone with Pat and Chris… lovely photos as usual Yvonne x


    • Hi, Julie. Thank you for your nice words. Come back to Venice, and we can get up there for a drink.

      The sun is still shining; I’m scared it’ll go away if we make a big fuss about it!


  2. MaryK

    So – can we expect a report on how you went in the Su e Zo per i Ponti ?? Or will you be our ‘on the ground’ reporter?


  3. I love when old buildings are restored and kept instead of being bulldozed down. Did you get to go inside?


  4. Chris Hey

    Yvonne, it was the best! Especially meeting you and Sheila! By the way, the Bellinis were 12 euros each …


  5. I’m in. Just need about 45,000 silent partners with $10,000 to lend me and that baby is MINE! 🙂


  6. Chris Hey

    Pat and I had bellinis in the Skyline last week. My sister in law and her husband were staying in the Stucky and invited us across. Great experience!


  7. JoanneH

    Now lets see where did I stash my mad money


  8. Good camera karma….they tend to be a lot better made these day. Oh, both with the picture and the “accident”.
    I have thought about a tripod but find if I just hold my breath at the moment I push the button that helps with vibration reduction.
    I’ll need to try to get that shot for my collection but probably won’t be having a drink at the rooftop bar in December. Brrrr!


  9. Andrew

    I’d never noticed the mosaic before. Thank you, posh camera, for the close up. Do you have a tripod for it?


    • So far, my hands have held steady! (And, I was on a vaporetto at the time.) It’s not such a posh camera, and after I dropped it today at the Ristorante Diana in Cannaregio, I wondered if it would still function! It did.


  10. Wow Yvonne, I had no idea the complex is to be sold! And at an auction? I wonder why?

    It really is a fascinating building and the photos of the mosaic are lovely. Have you had a drink at the Skyline bar yet?


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