Door – Dorsoduro

“I’ve weathered many a storm on the Zattere, and I’ll be around long after you’re gone.”











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21 responses to “Door – Dorsoduro

  1. Melissa

    HaPpY EaSteR Yvonne 🙂

    Does Licorice still share in your adventures?


    • Ciao, Melissa. I was just thinking about you this morning!

      No, silly old Licorice forgot to renew his passport, so he’s back in mouldy Dismal Swamp.


      • Melissa

        Hahaha, you always crack me up! Perhaps Licorice isn’t as silly as you think, maybe, just maybe, he is taking advantage of your absence (while the cat’s away the bear will play).

        What made you think of me this morning? Oh, I know, you were thinking, “How can I get this all expenses paid ticket to Venice to Melissa as soon as possible?” That’s okay, don’t panic – I’ll get the details to you ASAP lol! 😉


      • Oh, no, the house will be trashed when I get home. 😦

        In fact, I was at mass in Madonna dell’Orto when you popped into my head. make what you will of that!


  2. Wow, that door is an absolute feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing it with us Y!


  3. julie

    Happy Easter Yvonne ! .. hope the weather improves, how lucky was I last week …. give my hugs to Barb, Sheila and Randy too ! any plans for Pasqua ? xx


  4. I just pushed the like button. I think it worked.
    Oh, I must find that one next trip and add it to my collection…the door, not the like button.;-)


  5. I feel a spritz (or 2) coming on, Andrew! Yay!


  6. Andrew

    Mmm, Zattere. My favourite spot in the whole world.


  7. Bert

    There’s a lot to see on one door. I’m sure I would not have noticed those small bas-relief panels with birds and fruit. The knocker is interesting. It looks as though the rod at the bottom is there to control the force that you can apply to knocking on the door.


  8. Hi, Joanne. They’d make such a good book, or calendar. How are you these days?


    • JoanneH

      Just back from 21 days in South Africa and other sites. Sarfari was the best part of trip just wish I had the money to stay longer. Was enjoying your blog thinking of the Venice breeze in the humid weather I was in.


      • Your trip sounds wonderful!

        It sounds like we could meld the weather and get a happy medium. I don’t think I’ll get to wear any of the light weight clothing I brought. 😦


  9. JoanneH

    I love the doors in Italy I have a whole collection of photos of them.


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