Chiesa Zaninova, Castello

With an unfinished facade that is reminiscent of San Lorenzo, the deconsecrated Chiesa di S. Giovanni Novo (Zaninova) is tucked away just off the Calle Sacrestia.


 To see a larger version of the photos, just click on the first image. It’s sad to see that the graffiti mob has been around, and left their mark on the well head.

To read more about this church, follow the link to Jeff Cotton’s site:


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8 responses to “Chiesa Zaninova, Castello

  1. I need to get a historian on board here, I think.


  2. Bert

    I think it could be San Marco, as many well-heads have initials of the scuole – such as SR for San Rocco and SMV for Santa Maria Valverde.


  3. Bert

    So it is! It’s quite hard to see. What can you tell us about the MS (or SM) on the well-head?


  4. Bert

    Where was the last photo taken? It’s not the door of the church.


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