How to get a head

These are in Dorsoduro, not far from the Chiesa Salute.





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10 responses to “How to get a head

  1. Andrew

    On the right window they should swap the heads around to make a more attractive symmetry. Go in and tell them Yvonne. You can say I suggested it.


  2. Bert

    Those heads are quite new! They weren’t there when veniceconnected went around. Are they actually flower pots? That house certainly has a head for heights – in fact, seven heads for height. 🙂


    • Bert, it kind of looks like there is plant life of some kind in those heads, but they’re up quite high, and I couldn’t tell for sure. I’ll try to remember to look again, to see if I can spot any green stuff!


  3. A nice collection. Heads seem to be scattered all over Venice from my observations.


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