The old barber shop

In Calle S. Antonio, Castello,  you will find the ghost of this old barber shop.


Parrucchiere=hairdresser. Barbiere=barber

As I crouched down to take this shot, a white haired gentleman stopped and told me that he could remember when this was a busy barber-shop.






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7 responses to “The old barber shop

  1. Hi, Annie. The weather has taken a turn for the worse, so my explorations have been somewhat curtailed!


  2. What a fantastic discovery! You’re finding lots of cool things this trip – thanks for sharing them with us.


  3. One of the great things about wandering alone and expressing interest in something (by taking a picture or just standing and looking) other people will stop and talk to you. That doesn’t happen as much when you are with a traveling companion.
    Although I travel alone…I’m never lonely.
    And our dear Yvonne is so approachable! Such a lucky lady with all these wonderful finds to share.


    • I think I have “Curious” stamped somewhere on me, in various languages. It’s a delight, how sharing people can be.


      • I find that delightful too. One of my friends is amazed when I strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to me (on the other side of me from her) in a theater. But then I talk to strangers for a living. It also helps to be outgoing to begin with. Yes, curious….that’s stamped all over us.


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