La primavera is here today

It is a warm, sparkling day in Venice, for the first day of spring, in the Northern hemisphere. This angel was proclaiming the glad news with his heavenly trumpet.


This saint was turning his back to the sun, revealing his means of support.


These fellows, in their red jackets, had a magnificent view of the Dolomites today


And, so did I, from the landing platform for the Fatebenefratelli rehabilitation hospital in Cannaregio. (Grazie, Alberto.)




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9 responses to “La primavera is here today

  1. Lynda

    Beautiful photos.


  2. Bert

    The second photo is of Santa Fosca.


  3. Oh what magnificent photos!!

    I love the ripple-wave following the red coats….ahhh!

    You look lovely and perfectly framed while viewing the Dolomites.

    The supports made me laugh….we could all use a little help now and then…especially if were blowing trumpets for hundreds of years!!


  4. Looks like another beautiful day in the neighborhood!


  5. Bert

    Photo the first is of Santa Maria del Giglio, which was my first guess, fortunately. The second, I would need to think about or have a clue. I like the equinoxes; everyone gets 12 hours daylight and 12 hours night.


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