Castello, 3709-14 Corte del Papa

This is another of the dwellings featured in Venice: Venetian domestic architecture by Egle Trincanato. It is described as ” a small palace with remains of 11th century work”. The “three part mullioned window was rebuilt in the 16th century, with capitals dating from the 13th or 14th century”.

There is no mention of the age worn carving you will notice in the photo of the archway, and the close-up shots.

What a wonderland I was privileged to enter.

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18 responses to “Castello, 3709-14 Corte del Papa

  1. Yes, the sculputers of the animals are so interesting, I wonder which animals they are: one is for sure a cat (in my opion), but the others?? Unreal ones???


  2. (the image I’m referring to is the last of the little critters…)


  3. Yvonnnnnne….I’m debating whether that is a cat or a Dachshund….isn’t it wonderful??
    Oh how I wish I were there to explore together!!!
    Thanx so much for being our scout!


    • The end of the adventure was funny. I was locked into the corte, and had to hang around until someone came home with some shopping and released me!


      • Oh, memories of an adventure I had in college…very similar…although since it was at the Pasadena Playhouse in California we convinced a passerby to get help (we were on the “ramparts”) and he got the florist on the corner to bring a ladder and we climbed down. That was the first time my camera got me in trouble.
        Glad you are enjoying your adventures.


  4. Bert

    Did you see the three part mullioned window, by the way?


  5. Bert

    If you go onto the bridge, Ponte de la Pietá, you can see a plaque on the building that explains why it is called Corte del Papa, namely that in houses that used to stand on that spot there was born in 1417 Pietro Barbo, who went on to become Pope Paul II. I don’t understand how somebody can be born in “houses”, but that’s what it says.
    There didn’t seem to be a locked gate when veniceconnected went there, though I guess the sotoportego was too low for them to actually get into the corte.


  6. Andrew, my Italian is also minimal, but it seems to do the job! How is the weather in your neck of the woods? (Another strange phrase, eh?)


  7. Love the pictures. You sure know how to get into all the nooks and crannies.


  8. Andrew

    I’m impressed with your command of Italian! When we meet up next month it’s up to you to do the talking with the natives. Il mio italiano is minimal. Google translate is a Godsend. I can cope in restaurants and with simple directions. Having said that they always say, ‘Sempre dritto’. Hardly ever dritto.


  9. I should have bought a lottery ticket, Pat!


  10. Pat

    Wow! What luck to find two architects! Wonderful…


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