Via Garibaldi, Castello

The sun was just setting behind me, casting a warm glow on this group of people enjoying an aperitif at Strani, on Via Garibaldi. I wish you could join them!


And then, this nice family helped to solve the puzzle of how a boat owner gets to his craft when it is on the other side of the canal.


Ciao da Ludovica, Daniele e i due raggazzi! Piacere.



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20 responses to “Via Garibaldi, Castello

  1. That’s such a nice looking bacaro. We were there the other day and met some wonderful people!

    Randy Bosch Anthem, Arizona, USA

    Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 13:15:21 +0000 To:


  2. julie

    Lovely Pics … thanks for the weather update Michelle, hope it last till next week 🙂


  3. Yvonne, for some really great panini, the bar next to Strani in your photo is El Refolo. Lovely panini, good quality salumi, cheeses, roasted vegetables, etc. they serve a very nice spritz too! That looks like a very nice family!


  4. Yes, I definitely would not want to have to depend on my personal boat on a daily basis to work or get to work.
    Hopefully you won’t have any ice to worry about in your continuing adventures. is showing some sun for the next ten days but it also shows rain for several days at the end of that period but temps still mild (unlike December) I found I can change it to Celcius so it’s looking like a range from 11-14 C over the next 10 days. Pretty nice for walking when it isn’t raining…and sometimes when it is.


  5. How do they get to their boat?


    • One way is as Linda said above. Or, they have a little dinghy they use to row from one side to another. Or, they get a friend to help them … that needs co-ordinating! Or, they might be able to clamber from one boat to the next in line, etc.


      • I have actually seen them clambering from one to the next…sort of like I did ….crossing the Punto boat to get to the water taxi. With a little…make that a lot of help from the nice men at Punto….one on each arm, telling me to watch out for the ice.


  6. Dear, dear Yvonne….what a lovely golden photo.
    My dear friend Matteo has his boat on the far side of a canal….he runs along the 3″ ledge and drops down into his boat. I can’t watch!!!


  7. I think/hope the cold weather has gone. But, who knows?


  8. I wish I could join them too!


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