Another walk off the beaten path

To do this bit of exploration, it will be necessary to get to the Piazzale Roma vaporetti stops by water bus or on foot. I used the 4.2 from Castello, and when I got off, I turned to my right, to follow the Fondamenta di S Chiara.


Not too far along here, you will encounter the Chiesa SS Nome di Gesu S. Chiara, which is still in use.



A little further, and you come across the Chiesa S. Andrea Apostolo, which is from the XIV century, but no longer used as a church.






The campo of this church forms part of the structure of the People Mover, which transports people between Piazzale Roma to the Tronchetto, where they can join their (too darn big) cruise ship.

The People Mover, sans people

The People Mover, sans people

The People Mover is very silent, so it wouldn't disturb the people in this home at all

The People Mover is very silent, so it wouldn’t disturb the people in this home at all



On one side of the campo is the Court of Appeal of Venice, which explained the people and their lawyers standing around smoking and quietly consulting in the sunshine, before entering to plead their case.



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19 responses to “Another walk off the beaten path

  1. Thanks for the walking tour of a little known place in my favorite city! Will try this next time I am in Venice.

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  2. julie

    Never been to that area either ! I must give the People Mover A whirl myself ..looks fun and at 1 euro a bargain 🙂


  3. Never been in these places…Must take a walk soon ;). Have a nice evening 🙂


  4. The People mover is impressive – does it pass as close to the house as the picture seems to show?


  5. Bert

    According to Jeff Cotton, the lower scene in the tympanum represents the calling of St Peter and St Andrew, and the church is now the studio of sculptor Gianni Aricò.
    Perhaps you could find out what time he goes for coffee, Yvonne, and get him to let you in. According to Morris, there is a plaque over a door in honour of the refuse disposal operatives. I couldn’t find one outside the church, so I guess it’s on the inside.


  6. And check out all the pissotti! Must have really had a problem there.
    Again, another delightful walk with Yvonne.


  7. Karen

    Yvonne, this exploration surprised me! Another good one! i’m so used to that fondamenta I don’t even consider it an interesting place to go anymore, but you saw it with a fresh eye!! I did that walk every day from our house to the Vaporetto stop at Santa Chiara while they were rebuilding the dock in front of the Coop


  8. Andrew

    We got lost around here last November. Lost in Venice?? Never. It’s here we saw a body which had been recovered from the canal, mercifully covered with a blanket. A young, very sick-looking policeman was on guard.


  9. jan Graham

    Another interesting walk, you certainly get around,


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