Just things that I liked

First of all, this sign, which loosely translated reads: Dogs are animals too, but you are the uncivilized. (I think the author meant to put ‘degli’, not ‘begli’, but maybe not! Begli would make it “beautifully uncivilized”.). Our home is not a toilet.


Then, a glimpse through a fence showed this interesting juxtaposition of the old and the new. Who remembers those heavy irons with charcoal burning in the body? There was no plastic in those days.


And, a slightly familiar name.




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15 responses to “Just things that I liked

  1. Bert

    See more of the door on Venice Daily Photo, July 10th, 2011.


  2. Caroline

    I think I mentioned when we met that I saw an angler on Giudecca reeling something in, so we waited expectantly to find it was… a bag of poo 😦

    The iron – how interesting! I don’t remember ones with charcoal inside – did your grandparents have those? One of my grandmothers also had a solid one for heating on the fire – not so heavy as it was really small, only 5/6″ long with quite a thin base – they must all have been extremely laborious to use.

    Thanks for the pic of Francesco’s doorbell! So – he doesn’t have the whole palazzo, then? 🙂 Although I expect that whatever the other names are, they’re all family. I wonder if his father is still alive – if so, presumably he would have the piano nobile?


  3. I remember the irons mom had that she heated on the wood stove. In fact, I still have a couple of them,


  4. Lynda

    I well remember walking with my head down to avoid the poop….too bad…It is such a beautiful city.


  5. One day my friend and I were coming back with groceries to my Castello apartment and a woman was allowing her dog to pooh right in front of my door. Since I was standing there glaring at her she did clean it up. But two days before there was evidence (not in a bag) directly outside.
    Probably same dog.
    Wish I could look up more often in Venice but I spend a lot of time watching my step. Sadly…yes, humans are the animals.
    And I’ve only seen those irons in antique shops.


  6. jan Graham

    My goodness Yvonne, even I do not remember flat irons like that, remember the sort you had to heat on the hob !!


  7. I actually watched a woman out my window the other day pick up her dog’s poop (yay!), then look around (and thinking she was unseen) and throw it in the plastic recycle bin (not yay)!


    • Uffa! That sucks, big time! I’ve seen a well dressed woman pick up the poo of her well dressed pooch, then just chuck it in the canal. Truly, we are the animals.


  8. Jo

    It would be a good idea if the authorities in Venice installed small rubbish bins especially for dog poo bags. It might encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets? If you bump into F. Da Mosto say hello – he’s charming + of course very interesting!


    • It would be a good idea to see more rubbish bins, full stop! But, you see folks pick up the stuff, then chuck the bag back down any old place, which could be my doorway. Sigh.

      I did meet the charming Signore da Mosto and his little son one day. He’s just as we expect him to be … strange isn’t that! 🙂


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