Not my Little Pony

but rather, my little washing machine.

Tucked cunningly into a corner of the bathroom, next to the shower enclosure, is the washing machine.

You have to sort of ooze into the shower enclosure, there's not a lot of wiggle room

You have to sort of ooze into the shower enclosure, there’s not a lot of wiggle room. But the water is hot, and the pressure is good.

When you open the “door” at the top, this is what you find.

My landlady had explained which aperture takes liquid laudry detergent; it's second from the left on the inside of the lid

My landlady had explained which aperture takes liquid laundry detergent; it’s second from the left on the inside of the lid

You push the white oval button, and voila, the interior of the machine.

It takes a surprisingly adequate load of laundry

It takes a surprisingly adequate load of laundry

And, finally, the control panel, with every possible laundry decision somewhere in those programs. It takes about 2 hours for the cycle I’ve settled upon.


As  with public transport, once you crack the code of laundry equipment, no matter where you are, things seem right in the world!


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39 responses to “Not my Little Pony

  1. Jeff

    Yvonne, you will be happy to know that your Cannaregio apartment washer is much bigger and more modern-we did laundry for myself, my wife and my twenty-something daughter and her best friend, and all went well. There are also large drying racks that you can put in the extra bedroom so you should be in great shape on the laundry front. Hope you enjoy your stay – Ciao!


    • Good morning, Jeff. I’ll be in the new neighbourhood this time next week. It surely is in a good location; thank you for putting me onto it. I have spoken to Christina, and have a good check-in time arranged. I am waiting with bated breath for the internet story! 🙂


  2. Rob C

    Now that shower stall looks pretty small, I think I’d have a problem getting in, and even if I did, I don’t think I’d be able to turn, let alone pick up the soap:-)


  3. Caroline

    Yvonne, as you know ours is in the attic and while it’s the same make and looks very similar, I see we don’t have quite the range of dials you have so yours is evidently a posher model! My standard cycle is 45 minutes (30 mins for delicates) which IME is normal here, so you should be able to find a more economical one!


    • I have a load to do tomorrow, I’ll experiment. One of the problems is that the shorter cycles are for delicates, and the spin cycle leaves the clothes really wet! It’s no big deal, it’s not like we ran out of wine or something really important! 🙂


  4. Andrew

    My experience of Venetian showers is that if you drop the soap you have to get out of the shower to pick it up. They’re TINY. I measured the one in our usual hotel and it’s 22″ x 22″.


  5. Bert

    There are special “Shavers only” sockets [I don’t know what makes them safer than normal sockets.] The hair-dryer has to be used outside the bathroom. There are “special” light switches available with a flexible plastic cover over the switch, but I don’t think many people use them.


  6. Bert

    Our building regs don’t allow power sockets in bathrooms. No normal light switches either; it has to be a pull-cord. Remember what happened to the baddie in the bath-tub in Goldfinger – Shocking, positively shocking.


  7. Anna

    Having experienced confined “European Showers” can you lift your arms to shampoo? lol


  8. That is the most amazing thing I’ve seen! In your shower? Wow. Just wow.


  9. Giuditta (Jude)

    We had the same experience in Venice, and when I was in charge, I”m sorry to say that I just gave up. Bidets do wonders, don’t they!

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  10. Lovely little thing. The washer in my apartment (since I’ll be back there in December it is “my” apartment) is a bit bigger than that and it dries too. With even more complicated Italian buttons. I only actually got it to dry once…thank goodness I had brought a laundry line although the heated towel rack was great for drying socks. And like you said Yvonne…there is always the bidet;-)
    I have to get the landlord to explain the thing again …just the one cycle I want to use and this time hopefully I won’t be too groggy to take notes.


    • Yes, they go through the instructions while we are like zombies!

      I ruined some good slacks in one of those darn washer-dryer combos in Rome. And, I never could understand how in heck they can combine those 2 functions in one machine.


      • He must have spent 20 minutes on his knees in front of the thing explaining it and all I could think was “that’s okay” I’ll read the directions: that are on the table, now just go away and let me sleep”. Of course the person who wrote the English directions left out a couple of steps. I did find the manufacturer’s book in a drawer which also had totally incomprehensible directions in five languages including English.
        I’ll pay more attention this time…I promise….oh ,wait I should act stupid and he’ll spend more time there. Now that is an idea!


  11. Trish

    I had the same type of washer in the Paris apartment I rented. It’s certainly efficient.


    • It’s a great little washer, most ingenious. A front-loader wouldn’t work as there is no room to open the door with the toilet in the way. Europeans know how to utilise space, don’t they?


  12. Wow, that washing machine looks like it could be in a James Bond film! It is amazing how long a wash cycle lasts, you practically have to plan your evening around it.

    Glad you had such a fantastic day (from your comment above). I can’t wait to hear all about it.


    • It was a surprise when the lid was popped for the first time and a space ship appeared, SusieQ.

      Man, it was Aladdin’s Cave everywhere I looked today. What a city!


  13. Yvonne…isn’t it amazing how complicated Italian washing machines can be? I look at all the buttons and gadgets on your washing machine and I shake my head. I have to say US machines are so much less complicated…and faster. But the challenge is definitely a small price to pay for exploring Venezia. Lol


  14. Andrew

    We’ll bring our laundry round in April.


    • By then, I’ll be in Cannaregio, and I have no idea of the capacity of the washer there. But, sure, bring it around, there’s always the bidet, right!

      I had the BEST day today!! (Well, the best so far.)


  15. jan Graham

    Umm ……………


  16. Livia

    Once in Budapest I had the same, now I started to have a sort of nostalgy!!


  17. Pat

    How cute!!!


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