Sartorial splendour

These two dapper gentlemen were strolling along in the San Polo sestiere.


You just don’t see blokes dressed like this in Dismal Swamp!

And, after a long time without the presence of this subject, I bring you the self-professed pissotta numero uno.


Bold as brass!

Bold as brass!



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30 responses to “Sartorial splendour

  1. julie

    Glad to see the pissotte back Yvonne, had to laugh at Pats comment and your reply !!! and giannetta too, they would love you to , I bet ! 🙂


  2. See, all pissotte great and small, there are people out there who love you.

    The forecast for Dismal Swamp is quite exciting today, I’m glad I’m not there!


  3. MaryK

    Aaahhh – I am so delighted at the return of the pissotta. They’ve been missed.


  4. Sono D. Chicago

    Sartorial splendor? Maybe the guy in black, but the other fella looks like he’s on his way to a dress rehearsal of “Waiting For Godot.”


  5. Bert

    You and the two gentiluomini were in Calle de l’Ogio o de la Rugheta, heading into Campo San Aponal. Nobody needs to know that, but I get a kick out of it.


  6. Well, if you have to be a pissotta, might as well be number one!


  7. Yvonne…new career idea…leading pisotti tours!! I’d sign up!


    • What an excellent idea, Linda. And, there could be a guide book with different itineraries, calendars, mugs, bookmarks … Do you want to do the art work? 🙂


  8. Rob C

    And, they’re back!! Now I know you’re back in Venice 🙂


  9. From what you say of the Dismal Swamp I think those gentlemen would be a tad warm in their overcoats. Actually from what I see on I think they are a tad warm in Venice…but then when it gets into the 50’s (F) here in the Pacific Northwest windows start opening and people start looking for their shorts because can 60 be very far away?
    Those pissotte appear when you aren’t even thinking about looking for them. And I just think “oh, there’s one of Yvonne’s favorite things”.


    • Yesterday, I was in Treviso (about 30 minutes away by train), and was surprised at how much warmer it was there. I guess being a little inland made the difference.


      • It’s the same here most times…unless you are headed up into the mountains it’s warmer away from the water. But I’m pretty darn close to the water.
        Still looks lovely…wonderful walking weather.


  10. Those are some interesting bricked-up openings above that pisotta. If only these old buildings could speak!


  11. Gosh I love older men dressed up like that, I could squeeze them to death!


  12. I saw one in Barcelona and took a photo of it !


  13. Pat

    I’m going to be on the search for these while I’m in Venice! 😉


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