Their glory days are long gone

These doors are in the San Polo sestiere, opposite the State Archives building. They are so weather-beaten, and the lions that must once have shone proudly are now weathered and tarnished.

Missing one lion battaglio (knocker)

Missing one lion battaglio (knocker)

The remaining lion, rusty and tarnished

The remaining lion, rusty and tarnished


The other doors and their once proud lions.


... and the graffiti, of course

… and the graffiti, of course

The metal work above the doors must have been quite beautiful when it was first installed.





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19 responses to “Their glory days are long gone

  1. And if I didn’t reapply my “paint” every morning I’m sure it would be more than peeling!;-)


  2. jan Graham

    Ravages of time I know the feeling,


  3. It will take a lot of Brasso, sandpaper, elbow grease and paint, Michelle.


  4. Those doors need the gentleman I found in my Castello neighborhood last December….out there with a rag and a can of polish taking care of the doorbells on what I assumed was the building he lived in,
    And I wish I had taken a picture of the Senora out scrubbing the pigeon pooh off our mutual bridge!
    These poor doors just don’t have anyone loving them right now. Except those of us out here who can’t get to them.


  5. “I’m making a list, and checking it twice …” A jolly sounds like a good idea, Andrew.


  6. Andrew

    One day we’ll get all the venetophiles together for a jolly. It will take some synchronisation. Start making a list, Y.


  7. Oh, SusieQ, you’re far from derelict!


  8. Even in their derelict state, they still have their own kind of beauty. Kind of like me! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. Jo, I’m out there bearing the weight of all the Venice lovers on my shoulders. I can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Jo

    Doors are like mirrors – I often wonder about who has passed through over the centuries!! Keep feeding our hunger for Venice Yvonne + have a great time!!


  11. Well, if you knocked on my door (in Dismal Swamp), you’d get some coffee or red wine (depends on the time of day), and an ear-full about Venice!


  12. Doors in particular intrigued me when I was in Europe and Africa. What secrets do they hold? What new worlds would we find if we could open them and go inside?


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