Another day, another squero

A squero is a shipyard where gondole and other typical Venetian boats are built and repaired. Most familiar to visitors would be the San Trovaso squero, and many have heard of the Tramontin squero.   The name  “squero” is derived from an instrument used in this craft and in Venetian dialect is called “squara” (square).

Today, I found another active squero.


This shows a 'felze', a sort of cabin for the passengers, no longer used

This shows a ‘felze’, a sort of cabin for the passengers. These are no longer used.




Carved decoration on a gondola

Carved decoration on a gondola



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32 responses to “Another day, another squero

  1. Jeff

    Cool-another squero for me to investigate on my next visit. This one looks a bit more accessible than the San Trovaso or Tramontin.


    • Hi, Jeff. The only downside is that you don’t get inside the building where the work is happening. But, there were lots of bits and pieces to admire outside.

      Just a little over 2 weeks until I move to the apartment with the internet challenge. It’s going to prove interesting …


  2. And I just bookmarked this page for my next visit.
    Grazie, Gunther…and Yvonne of course.


  3. Caroline

    Gunther, thank you, how kind! I’m sure Yvonne will be out checking any of those addresses she doesn’t already know, for us all, first thing tomorrow!


    • Steady on, Caroline … define “first thing”! But, you’re absolutely right, more goodies to add to the list. Notte.

      PS Uh-oh. Don’t click on the link to Gunther’s site unless you’ve got all your lesson prep done, and the house is cleaned!


  4. “I guess you wouldn’t see as much though.”
    if legend is correct, the whole point of the covering is not so much “not seeing much” but rather “not being seen much”… sort of the blackened-glass limousines of a different era… out-of-sight – out-of-mind for when photography hadn’t yet been invented perhaps and the paparazzi were the local gossips staring out the window upon the “rio sotto” to get their “scoop”?


  5. Bert

    You can open that file using Google Earth! When it asks you what do you want to use to open the file, click Browse, and you will probably have Google Earth there; if not, download it. Then, somehow or other, a list appears on the left of the screen. Rather odd that there are six squeri in the list, of which two are on the Giudecca, leaving four in Venice.


  6. Caroline

    Ah right, thanks Bert. I daresay the info must be out there somewhere, but as you’ll know opinions do seem to vary – I think I’ve seen every number between 1 & 4 listed before!


  7. Bert

    I can’t open that file either. I only referred to the Picasa site as being where I got the information that there are only five squeri left. I had not attempted to open that link. If you go to you can see some nice pictures of Venice, but I couldn’t get past that. There must be other places where the five are listed.


  8. And the albums will now include gondolas in the making.


  9. Caroline

    Yvonne, you never fail to amaze me! And there was me just spending the morning doing the shopping 😦 (And now putting off starting work post-lunch…) It has got a lot warmer, though, hasn’t it? Spring must have really arrived as I saw a local – a deliveryman – wearing flowery shorts! And two tourists in a gondola with *bare arms*, which is going a bit far!

    Bert, helpful as ever! That .kmz file looks very interesting, but unfortunately I can’t open it – can you any way round that? I’m wary of downloading any software.


    • That big, pouffy yellow jacket I bought is far too warm for this weather, Caroline! It looks rather hazy out there, this afternoon.

      Get on with that school work, woman. 🙂


  10. Bert

    According to this:
    there are only five active squeri in Venice. Three have been ruled out. So it’s one or the other.
    This is your second time in a squero. Do you have plans to visit the others?


  11. julie

    Lovely photos Yvonne .. and wow what a fantastic blue sky !


  12. I noticed that blue sky first. Yes, will you share where you made this “find”?


  13. Yay, a new discovery AND sunshine! Was this in Castello?


  14. m

    Ciao Carissima, Fantastic how you discover more and more hidden treasures in Venica. Brava!


  15. Am I right in thinking they are doing the work right in front of their homes?


  16. Andrew

    I say – bring back the felze! I guess you wouldn’t see as much though. It would be nice to have a choice.


  17. JoanneH

    Love your photos keep that sunshine coming


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