Seek and ye shall find … something

I was on the trail of the cortile (courtyard) of Palazzo Barbaro, in San Marco. I hoped to find some very intriguing figures that are there on the wall. Well, I never did find what I was looking for, but I did pass a pretty, verdant courtyard.


And, although it wasn’t my original quarry, they do have something interesting on their wall.


Isn’t he a nice camel?

And, I passed a milestone on my blog: 100,000 visits clicked over earlier today. Thank you, and do keep coming.



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14 responses to “Seek and ye shall find … something

  1. sandshoe

    ytaba36, hello, it’s ‘Shoe, you know how sometimes you have something you thought of that you love and think you ought to share it but are shy?

    I have a camel, who I was just gazing at in my files the other day, Sam the quintessential camel, who wasn’t interested in appearances, only in the camel. My heart gave a little skip when I found my way through to your blog and began to read about the squeros and then was drawn to the next blog by a glimpse of more wonderful photography, but the camel! O la la! I LOVE the camel. My own Sam must be shown and I will offer him to Mike Jones at the Pigs Arms. Gee, that is something else.

    I love, love, love this camel on a Venetian wall. Lovely you say the camel was not your quest. I reflected ‘a found camel’.

    Thank you for your lovely work too.


    • Hi, Shoe. Thank you for your kind and enthusiastic words. Are you a member of that Pigs Arms gang? That’s something else that I just stumbled upon one day, in my drift through life.

      I’ll be on the lookout for more of these camels, for sure. Like you, I reeally admire that funny fellow prancing through life on a wall in Venice.

      Cheers! Yvonne


  2. Doesn’t “crazies” translate to” people who are extremely discriminating regarding Venice”? It does in my dictionary.


  3. Every so often, you spot a camel on a wall, somewhere in Venice. My favourites are on the facade on the San Moise church, right churlish critterers they are! I’d better get some shots of them, eh?


  4. I love the camel, but I’m not sure what he’s doing in Venice.
    Congratulations on the 100,000 – that’s pretty darn amazing.


  5. I kept gazing at him and grinning, Barb.

    I was an absolute sloth today, it dribbled and drizzled all day. I’m making pasta carbonara for dinner, the prosciutto smells so darn good.


  6. Barb

    Looks like that camel is the proud leader of the herd! Congrats on the 100,000. Now your followers are looking forward to joining you for the next 100,000.


  7. JoanneH

    Love the camel and now on to the next 100,000


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