Quirky finds

I am really going to have a close look at my mailbox when I get home, and make a few changes.


So, is this a really clever plumbing design, or did the fellow say “Well, I have these bits and pieces left over, so I’ll use them”?


When I first glanced at this sign outside this Osteria, I thought that tripe was on the menu. Then, it became clear that they are rated quite high on TripAdvisor. Well done, Osteria ai do Gobbi!

P1050169This is on some construction hoarding, so will be a temporary work of art/graffiti.




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23 responses to “Quirky finds

  1. Some great finds here. Those pipes are hilarious!


  2. I am guessing that the plumber’s creativity is a “trap” to avoid the “spussa” (odor, or stink) from rising up the tube to reach the upper floor bathroom that uses that tube as a drain. The sealed access tube above the joint (reachable from the window, in case of necessity) is probably to guarantee the possibility to clear the trap in case of obstruction (too many q-tips or cotton balls down the toilet by mistake).
    Centuries of practice and experience don’t hurt sometimes…


  3. Bert

    Don’t worry about the weighs of the flesh, though.


  4. Caroline

    Well spotted, as always, Yvonne! The mailbox must belong to an artist, I’m sure. And the piping – LOL! Did he just have no straight bits left?!

    Luckily I think we may still be fritelle-ed out, but unluckily our favourite bread shop has now started selling macaroons (the French-style ones, not the Scottish ones involving mashed potato… šŸ™‚ ) – so they obviously need to be tried!


  5. Sono D. Chicago

    Maybe they’re #4 on TripeAdvisor.


  6. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Great pics, Bella Yvonne!


  7. emanuela gavagnin

    i want more Yvonne ā¤ šŸ™‚


  8. In 2 photos the true Italian/Venetian character šŸ™‚ Brava Yvonne!!


  9. Pat

    I’ll have to try that tripa while I’m there LOL!!


  10. “Borrow” a handcuff from Gabriel, and do something with yours at home. šŸ™‚


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