A chilly morning on the Giudecca

It seemed like a good idea at the time, to show my young friend from Milan a different part of Venice.
We got off at the Sacca Fisola stop, and began out trudge into a rather brisk breeze. One of the sites he wanted to explore was the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel.
This luxury hotel began life as a flour mill in 1895; the mill operated until 1955. The man behind this industrial enterprise was Giovanni Stucky.

My friend commented that Giovanni Stucky looks like he was a stern task-master

You can read more about Giovanni at this site:


It is a most attractive building, considering it began life as a flour mill. Thank goodness it wasn’t just demolished, with apartment blocks erected in its stead.

Our stroll gradually picked up pace, as the nippy breeze nibbled at our faces. We saw a welcoming doorway, and entered.


We made our way through the scrum of customers who were enjoying a drink and ciccheti, and decided “When in Giudecca, do as the Giudeccans”.  All in the name of research, of course. So now, we can recommend this Osteria, should you be looking for a place to stop for refreshments, on the Giudecca.



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29 responses to “A chilly morning on the Giudecca

  1. Love the Botti – I had a starter of buffalo mozzarella with (hot) aubergine cooked with mint, a main course of spaghetti in a tomato and pesto sauce, and a chocolate and orange mousse.


  2. Rob C

    I think here’s a good chance, Theresa’s only 2 little bridges between the vaporetto and the apartment, and it has all ‘mod-cons’ including a decent kitchen, bathroom and heating (toasty). Oh, and the Internet connection is reasonable too!


  3. Rob C

    Ah Guidecca, how We miss you, TBH, I wish we’d stayed there this Christmas, Quiet, Friendly, and not overrun with tourists.


  4. julie

    Still yet to get to Giudecca Yvonne, the Osteria ae Botti looks great


  5. Yvonne…what fun….a day on Guidecca! I have a dear friend that lives on Guidecca, so I’ve spent many days wandering the calli.
    It always seems to be 10 degrees cooler on Guidecca…nice in the summer….but hellish (lol) in the winter…..and IT IS ALWAYS WINDY!!
    If I recall, Ostaria ae Botti also has great tramezzini.


  6. They really did an amazing job with the interior as well. We wandered around the inside for a long time. The rooftop bar looks like a great place for a sunset drink, although we didn’t have one as it was freezing cold and drizzly that day.

    I like the look of that osteria, particularly the steins hung from the ceiling.


  7. I love when old buildings are preserved and used in new ways – gives a city so much character.


  8. PS I did invest in a “fur” coat since then. Debating bringing it. It does look “real”. But it is heavier (in weight) than the down parka. I’d fit right in at the local Punto though.


  9. If you rug up, and maybe go with the wind, instead of against it, as we did, you’ll enjoy it, Michelle. And, you’re bound to have some warm, sunny days.


    • Believe me, after having several below zero days this past December, I know how to “rug up” as you say. But this time I’m bringing heavier silkies and “glove liners’. Actually only my knees and fingers got really cold. The rest of me was fine. Sometime I’ll visit in warmer weather. But I wasn’t as cold as most of the locals since it’s normal weather here at this time of the year also. Just kept wishing for hot spiced cider. …the non alcoholic kind.


  10. I’ll have to give it a meander in December. Don’t know why I didn’t last time. After all it was just as cold. I’m sure my camera would love it.


  11. Caroline

    Have you been to the rooftop bar at the hotel, Yvonne? We haven’t been yet – maybe we can go together when it warms up? I’m told that the drinks, while quite pricey, are not in the Piazza league – so maybe just a swift one there to enjoy the view then cicchetti at the more normal place? :-).


  12. I wrote the intriguing and bloody story of Giovanni Stucky on my blog. If you are interesting in reading it: http://www.joyfulit.it/2012/08/the-prince-of-millers/


  13. Livia Magyar

    I would strongly recommend a Giudecca visit to everyone! Always peaceful, quiet and one can feel and live a bit as the locals!


  14. Melissa

    I like how the drink and ciccheti at Ostaria ae Botti come “with sun”! Perhaps that is what warmed you up on a chilly Venetian day 🙂


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