In war and peace?

I was concentrating on capturing this lion of Saint Mark.


And then, I stepped back and saw, for the first time in goodness knows how many sightings of the monument to Vittorio Emmanuel 11, the weapons of war that form part of the supporting structure for the lion.



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19 responses to “In war and peace?

  1. Other Yvonne

    Good to talk to you again too! We’ve had a really easy winter, lots of chinooks. Prosecco keeps you warm, who knew?!


  2. Other Yvonne

    Glad you made it safely and hope your fillin yer boots having a great time!!


  3. Bert

    There are many more details to be seen on that monument. Have you found the name of the foundry where it was cast – Nelli, Roma? [It’s written in very small letters.] The shield with the date 1848-9 has the names of some of the battles in the First Italian War of Independence against Austrian rule – Goito, Mestre, etc around the edge. The skirt of the figure of Venice has the name ‘Manin’ on the hem. On the same side, the tablet under the lion’s paw shows the result of the vote in the 1866 referendum on the annexation of Venice into the Kingdom of Italy : Si – 641,758; No – 69.


    • Thaks for the extra details, Bert! The monument is such a dominant feature on the Riva, and records some pertinent history.

      (Is it snowing at your place? Is the little Princess enjoying it?)


  4. julie

    Hi Yvonne ! Just re-found your blog, so glad you got there safe and sound, I was away at the weekend so i missed your “arrival”
    Looking forward to seeing you in 4 weeks time ! hope the nice weather lasts xx


  5. Andrew

    Ear to ear or wall to wall tapetto?


  6. Caroline

    No, needless to say I’d never noticed these either!

    Mm, it looks a rather distraught lion, doesn’t it? Although I think Jan Morris does tend to go off into lists a bit too much, I do like her list of lions.


  7. There are so many lions in this city, and each one has its own personality. Some are like tame pussy-cats! Il mio naso e’ come un rubinetto! ( I just realised I said “un tapetto” to someone! No wonder they laughed.) 🙂


  8. I love this lion, it seems like the face of an old baby… 🙂


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