Snippets of life

There’s a touch of renovation going on at a hotel on the Riva degli Schiavoni in Castello.

I hope some of these apparently almost as good as new mattresses and pieces of furniture will be recycled, not just end up as land fill.


The fellows were hard at work, as you can see.




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19 responses to “Snippets of life

  1. Lynda

    Looks like a beautiful day in Venice – ahhh…. Is that where we walked along to go to Enrica’s cooking school?


  2. I don’t think you secret was ever very secret from people who know you;-)


  3. kirk tabalotny

    Get these guys a job at the RAH!!! Hey (just by-the-by) why does your “blogroll” have a listing for ‘seductive Venice’ right under one for ‘randy’. No wonder you keep heading back there!! Benny Hill would be proud of yez. xxx


  4. Caroline

    Hm, I wouldn’t have minded taking that sofa off their hands! Since we’ve lived here I’ve been surprised to realise there are hardly any local secondhand furnture shops – you’d think they’d be very popular, given the effort & expense involved in getting new stuff from the mainland. (Ikea charhes E100 per cubic metre to deliver to Venice!!)

    First Spritz in 2.5 hours time? 🙂


  5. Rob C

    Have a Spritz for us Yvonne.


  6. Looks like the way people here leave stuff on the curb with a free sign…although here before anyone picks them up they are rain soaked. Doesn’t look like rain there.
    They do look pretty new.


  7. Good one Andrew!
    Yvonne are you sure they weren’t new….?
    Looks like a beautiful day on the lagoon!!


    • No, I had a good look as I casually sidled past, it was used, but ‘good used’. The weather is supposed to revert to normal for this time of year, but I’m so grateful for these few days of sun.

      I haven’t had a spritz yet … what is the world coming to?


  8. Andrew

    A bit big for your hand luggage, Yvonne.


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